Group in Front of Ferry to Istanbul

Archetecture on Beyoglu Street

Trolley Tracks at End of Beyoglu St.

Trolley Head On!

Trolley Side View

Street Food in the Shell

Galata Bridge Fishing Up, Feeding Down

Galata Bridge - Fish Up, Feed Down

Ok, Who's Fishing Where?

Galata Tower - Genoese Built 1348 - "Tower of Christ"

An Original Tree on the Palace Grounds - Folks are Inside It!

Entry Into the Imperial Council Chamber Where the "Big Guys" Make the...

Inside the Imperial Council Chamber Screened Window is Where the Sultan Listened...

"Okay, Whose Fish Do I Net?"

Fish Market

Todd Doing a Jap Snap

Todd & Mari in Front of the.........

This is the last city the Circle Group (now 4) will visit as it has travelled for 7 months together with much having been seen and experienced! Todd is checking into plane tickets for leaving either 19th or 20th most likely to land in Seattle, then with Red (the truck) back to Missoula, MT. We will miss him greatly, not just for his photo input which has been awesome, but also for his overall participation in our adventure = comradeship, humor, gamesmanship, ability to find accomodations, city map reading/finding our way, adventureseeking and keeping us all "on our toes" so to speak.

We will always remember his presence, usually relaxed and at ease, always the potential for surprise! Love you Todd, best of luck in your endeavours back in MT with job, etc!

We had hoped to meet up with Jake here, but it seems he is off with the Aussie friend - Warren - ahead of us into E. Europe. So, time will tell what the 3 remaining - I, Bon, and Mari -will do. Bon and I will definately be continuing, Mari has not yet decided what she will do. For now it is enuf to say, we miss Jake and hope we will catch up with him later. If not, Jake has been the other big asset to our little group of 5, bringing humor and good judgement, a calming effect many times which helped in situations of stress. Jake was very good as well in assisting to find "good deals" for overnight accomodations and in bargaining for the best deal! He was an adventureseeker and competitive in gamesmanship(Cribbage, Hearts, etc.) and always up for frizbee whenever it was possible. We will miss his great smile and friendly attitude towards everyone.

He became part of "our family" altho I am sure many times he wished he had not, ha!

Discussions with Todd and Jake both always were most enlightening for their points of view and input, we will definately miss these long talks and explorations into politics,nature and the environment,social even religious/spiritual ideas, plus news happenings of the moment and concerning the many ideas in books we have read along the way - more than 25 each(Jake was a bit of an exception here, altho he did fight his way thru at least 4 or 5, I think - right Jake?!).

Enuf for now, internet here is pricey, I did not espect to pay $1.50/hr. in Istanbul!

Saw Jake & friend Warren today(16th)...they are heading N. into E.Europe for next 7 days, Warren has to fly back to England on the 23/4th. Jake says that he might just come back down and meet us to continue our travels...would be great to have him return! Cheers, later.

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