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It was all for the picture, folks


After a great night of sleep, we were awake and having coffee together.

One of the things we often do in the mornings is check our email and I read the blogs of friends to Marilyn, while we sit with a cup of coffee.

When I am checking the email I also check our own journal for messages. I must say that yesterday’s journal entry brought quite a few responses. They are all in the guestbook, so please feel free to look at the thoughtful messages sent to us by other RV folks, about the safety issue, as well as the tire issue.

I want to simply say to all of you who took the time to write about those issues, “Thank You” very much. Your input is appreciated and has generated some action on our part. I’ll write more about that in a few days.

We had a day of fun planned today. Jim & Linda’s truck will carry six people, so we all piled into their squeaky clean truck for the ride to Old Colorado City and to “Jorge’s” for lunch. Jorge’s was formerly known as “Henri’s” last year when we were here.

I am happy to report to those of you who have been to Henri’s that nothing much has changed. The food is still good and the margaritas are as strong as ever and quite tasty. Of course we each had only one and then divided two others among the six of us.

Trent & Teresa had never tasted a margarita before, so it was a treat for everyone.

After the wonderful meal, including a fried ice cream and some flan shared by all for dessert, we walked the street, looking in shops, and stopped to buy some chocolate at the “Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory”.

Trent & Teresa had surprised us all by picking up the tab for our lunch, and Jim drove, so I bought some chocolate covered espresso beans for each couple.

We made another stop on the way back to the resort, for a few groceries. We have a road trip planned for tomorrow and want to take a lunch with us, to enjoy up in the mountains somewhere.

By the time we returned to the resort today, we were all bushed and ready for some serious relaxation.

The sunny sky we had experienced all day to this point, gave way to a cloudy overcast sky and the wind picked up.

So we are relaxing with the TV tonight. Tomorrow is another day and we just can’t wait to see what adventures are in store…..

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