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Try to read this-too many restrictions for a teacher!

Bonneville Mill

Turbines are horizontal at the mill; water flow is very different



Feeling the levels of grain coarseness was fun

Miller in training making a stone wheel adjustment




Hip, hip, hooray!! We're hitting the road tomorrow AM. All work has been satisfactorily completed. More importantly the customer service was EXCELLENT. We have saturated the tourist market here-ha! Bonneville Mill is a county park. What a unique blend of regional history and natural beauty. The mill is the oldest continually operating grist mill in Indiana. A New York businessman came here hoping a canal system would be centered around the St. Joseph River and the Chicago/Toledo Trail. Well, the fifty families following him were sorely disappointed as nothing came of this speculation; however, the mill has stoically produced quality flour for over 150 years. The miller uses his/her senses to determine coarseness. The insides of the fingers are more sensitive than the tips. The mill grinds wheat, rye, corn, and buckwheat. If you like, freshly ground grain is available for purchase. Have you ever chewed on raw wheat kernels? That was the original chewing gum. We got to experience chewing; the more kernels in your mouth the bigger the gobstopper. Over five miles of woodland hiking trails are scattered over the park. I certainly was glad to return to walking; it is good for my mental health! We, also, take a little time to visit the Elkhart County Historical Museum, also located in Bristol. Unknown to us this county was the band instrument making capitol. Many original instruments were on display along with many other treasures donated by generations of families. Look for us to slow down a bit. We are eagerly awaiting the Waterford Hydroplane Boat Race this week-end. Team Extreme travel safely!

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