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We stopped for a picnic lunch at the Charles M. Russell National Refuge while driving from Malta, MT to Billings. The place was so peaceful and beautiful that we decided to stop for a couple of days and explore the area before moving on to Billings. Note: If anyone reading this entry knows my Grandmother - DO NOT pass this story on to her! In the late afternoon a storm came up quickly and the winds were blowing approx 30-35 MPH while hard rain fell. We moved the RV from our parking spot under the trees to a vacant area until the winds died down and we felt sure that no more tree limbs would be coming down. After everything was calm again, we moved back to our assigned spot for the night. We thought all was well until the next morning when Art heard what he thought was someone chopping wood near our RV. After nonchalantly stepping out the door to greet the new day, we were more than surprised to find that an entire tree had fallen exactly parallel to us. Talk about close ... had it fallen 15 feet to the left, I would not be here writing this blog. Scary!!!

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