Grand Adventure #1 (2003-2004) travel blog

We are now in Borneo. We have only been here two days so we have not got

to the jungle yet but we will shortly. We are in the town ofKuching.

Kuching means cat and there are lots of cat things here including the most

extensive and bizzare cat museum I could imagin. Well you can imagine

it... just think of every cat knick-knack, every cute cat motivational poster,

every Garfieldposter you have ever seen and put it under glass. Serious, I am

not saying it was like these things I am saying they were really there...the cat

on the planter poster that says hang in there baby was one of many...the little

porcilin cat thing at mom & dads...there.

The people here are extreamly open and friendly. This is also an extreamly

clean town. Lots of joy here. This is very good to see for in general we have

found the Malaysians to be polite but somber. Here they seem trully happy.

But the was 37c IN Bangkok downtoun in the sun but it did not feel as

hot as it does here in Borneo. The humidity is something. This is the hottest

month in a tropical rainforst on the equator so I suppose there should not be

any surprise.

Anyway...Please pass the following info to Mom & Dad.

The phone system here is not great so I may not get to call you anytime soon

and for that I appologize. I know that you two prefer phone calls to e-mail. I

will do what is reasonable to do.

You had mentioned that you may visit us in Sept...because we would not be

home in June as usual. As I think you know we will now be home early June

(exact date not set but probably by June 6). So...if you still want to visit us

and June is free it may be a better time than in Sept when I am back at work.

Of course anytime that you can visit will be most welcome.

Again, sorry for the e-mail thing but again the phone call from here does not

look to promising. However, if there is one thing I have learned from Asia is

not to have expectations so the very next store I am in may verywell have a

fantastice international phone. Who knowes?

Oh yes thye have Easter here. Though the country is overwelmanly muslim

there is a 30 Chinnese population and they are a mix ofbuddism and

Christianity. When I say mix I mean that single people follow bits of both.

The hotel had a Childrens Easter Party...asian style. First, we were the only

white people. Second, most were locals, not hotel guests. We determined this

by the fact that the clown asked the kids which school they went to.

So...All asian, mostly local Malaysian and yet still everything was in English.

During the treasure hunt the clown had to send some kids away because they

could only read in Malay, not English.

There was one thing that was Chinnese, (not Malay..why??) and it was the

kids Kareoke contest.

There were many prizes. Most were Vico (the same fake chocholate milk

stuff as in Canada). The boys also won GLASS bowls, two GLASS cups and

SOAP. Benjamin had to work not to laugh when he won soap at a kids only

party. They did also win more standard kid things like pencils and stupidly

large stuffed animals. We had just spent $200 Canadian to ship thing home

to make room in our suit case then the kids win that stuff.

What was different, besides the soap, was no significant referance to eggs.

Anyway, we are having a very good time here and will give you a more

general update later...after my Birthday Trip to the Mulu Caves to see the

nightly Bat flights.

Good By

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