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In yesterdays journal entry I mentioned that I would write about a subject which is important to all RVers. I am sorry to say that I won’t get to that today but I will share with you, a few of the thoughts which brought this to mind.

The other day, I drove into Colorado Springs to have some work done on the truck.

That work took quite awhile and when I returned to the RV resort, Marilyn asked a very pointed question.

“If you were in an accident, how would I have found out? There is no information available to a first responder to even tell them where we are staying. Our license plate is South Dakota and our “home address” is a PO box in Sioux Falls, SD. How would anyone know to get in touch with me?”

Well, the truth is that I don’t have an easy answer to that question.

We do carry our cell phones and I have two ICE numbers (In Case of Emergency) in my phone. One is Marilyn’s number and the other is Jennifer’s. It is important to remember that we have no cell phone service here at this resort, so they would not have been able to get in touch with Marilyn.

I did take a plastic card holder and put it in the truck, hanging from the trash bag hook under the dashboard. In that holder I placed a business card from the resort. It has the resort phone number on it.

The resort would know what site we are on and might be able to get in touch with Marilyn if I were the only one in the truck, but what if Marilyn were with me, and both of us were killed or unable to respond with information?

I have not seen any resort or RV park other than Llano Grande where we stay all winter, where they even ask for “next of kin” or who to contact in case of emergency.

I do not have answers to the questions I raise here but I do believe that it is an important subject matter to all of us who travel the highways, taking our homes with us.

How about some input from you long time RVers. What have you done to address this issue? Please provide some input for me to share with those loyal readers who might like to know the answers.

Now let me get to the issues which occupied my mind today.

On our journey to Colorado for the summer, I noticed some unusual tire wear on the curb side front tire of the 5th wheel, during my “walk around” inspection at Oakley, KS, before leaving for this resort.

I had suspicions before, but the tire wear was slight enough to not be anything obvious.

I checked the unusual tire wear at fuel stops and it seemed to be worse each time. I was concerned to say the least.

Upon arrival here at Mountaindale, I spoke to several people about it, but the holiday weekend was near and I decided to wait until we could devote some time to the problem.

Now, I have time to address this issue. I called DRV (Doubletree RV) and spoke to a young man named Greg, who asked me to take some pictures and email them to him. I did that and will share those pictures with you.

I also checked the lug nuts (All tight and no problem), the leaf springs (All appear OK) and there is no apparent leakage of grease from the hub of the axle. The shocks are all bolted and appear OK but I am no expert here. I have looked at things under the RV and can see no apparent difference between the right side (Bad) and the left side (Good).

I am waiting to hear back from DRV.

I did check on new tires and have a quote of $320 for a new tire shipped to this address. Note that we have 17.5 inch tires with H load rating.

So, as I usually say at the close of my journal entries, we have to wait to see what adventures this day has in store, well not every day is fun and games. Sometimes we have important things on our feeble little minds, and problems to solve. LOL

I’ll keep you all informed about the outcome of these issues.

Sure hope we get this resolved soon.

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