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Greg calling for help

Cold Lake campground

Having a fine dinner

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Day 9

Woke up in the B&B. A beautiful place. Marla would love it. We went out last night to try and get something to eat about 11:00 pm. We figured we could get something at a bar or a corner store. It appears, however, that everything in our end of town, by the lake, closes very early. There were two bars open but neither of them would serve us food. We did manage to get a few laughs though. Greg had a fun time kissing anything he could get his lips on. The pictures are in his camera. I hope I can get them from him so that I can post. If you just saw the picture of him kissing the fish than you will know that I was successful in getting his pictures onto my computer. Anyway, I digress. We ended up eating whatever scraps we had in our gear, granola bars, mints etc.. I had a Jacuzzi bath at 2 am and we slept like babies.

Breakfast was everything that was promised. A nutty oatmeal followed by French toast with fresh berries and heavy cream.

Greg’s headlight had burned out on the ride yesterday and when he checked it out found that the fuse had burned. When he replaced the fuse it blew right away.

While he was trying to figure out what was wrong, looking for a short, Terry and I went to wash the mud off our bikes. I talked to a mechanic in a shop next to the car wash to see if there was anywhere Greg could go for servicing. When I described the problem he said “voltage regulator”. He suggested going to the Honda shop on the other end of town. The only shop in town by the way. Greg and I drove over to the shop while Terry finished up at the hotel. The guy at Honda said voltage regulator. The only problem was that they didn’t have one for Greg’s bike. After 45 minutes of the clerk phoning around it was clear no one had it.

We went back to the inn and got onto the internet to see what we could do. Greg called Kawasaki Canada who promised him they would call all the dealers in the area and if any of them had more than one of his model in stock than they would authorize them to take off the voltage regulator and send it to him. I gave him my phone as they said they would call him back.

It was apparent that we wouldn’t be getting our of Cold Lake today so I went down the Lake front to find a camp grounds that the clerk at the motorcycle shop had mentioned. It was a lovely municipal camp grounds right on the lake.

I went back and told the news. Greg suggested we go to the camp site and set things up while he continued to search for a part that we wouldn’t be left in Cold Lake for two weeks.

Terry and I set up camp and I went to the Canadian tire to get another tarp and to pick up some food at the grocery store. As I was leaving the store Terry drove up. I had looked for Greg at the Inn but he wasn’t there. Terry hadn’t seen him either. I went back to camp and Terry came back shortly after. Still no Greg. He did finally call to say he was about an hour out of town. He had located someone who was going to cannibalize something and get him moving again. By the time he got there the shop was closing so he got a hotel room and is supposed to see the technician at 7:30 in the morning.

In the meantime, Terry and I have set a wonderful fire, dined on smoked oyster with jalapeño Havarti, aged cheddar, and Red Leicester cheese, with Wheat Thin crackers. Terry toasted some tortillas with cheese, salsa, and salami with Prosciutto. This was followed by double smoked, Cheddar sausages on toasted Panini buns with avocados, hot mustard, and more cheese. Desert was some great local cherries, firm, deep red and very sweet.

With any luck we’ll be one the road soon. We have the camp site for two days but will have to move before the weekend. A woman on an adjacent site stopped to say hello and said she lives five minutes away. She offered us the use off her yard if we couldn’t find a place to stay. I feel pretty confident Greg will solve the bike though.

We’ll have to make some good time though if we are to get there in time for the fishing trip Jimmy has planned for us though.

It’s nice to be able to do this without being brain dead-I was really please when I figured out how to insert the pictures despite being brain dead at the time.

A laid back day tomorrow, at least for me. Poor Greg will be stressed at least until he fixes his bike…..John

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