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Marilyn & I slept well last night and were out of bed right at 6:00 this morning.

Our morning coffee was served along with some raisin toast, followed by our orange juice and liquid vitamins.

With a nice hot shower and clean clothing on, we were ready for our day.

We spoke to Jim & Linda and discovered that the bear returned to the campground last night, doing much damage to Jim & Linda’s bird feeders. The trash dumpsters also took a big hit from the hungry bear.

We had arranged to pick up Trent & Teresa for some sightseeing and meet Jim & Linda at the “Adam’s Mountain Café” in Manitou Springs for lunch.

When we stopped to pick up Trent & Teresa, they invited us in for a look at the “Lily Pad” and we were delighted. That seems to be the perfect coach if you still have a house and a job. Those two nice young folks will have so much fun and learn so much about the RV lifestyle with that nice Class C motor home.

We wish them years of happy trips and wonderful adventures in their new coach.

We drove to the Garden of the Gods, which is actually a city park and a wondrous place for awesome scenery. Along the way we detoured to pass by the Broadmoor Hotel to show it to Trent & Teresa. We then took a nice hike at Garden of the Gods. Actually it was more like a stroll because we made many stops to take pictures.

We then drove to Manitou Springs and found a nice table for six, outdoors on the patio at Adam’s Mountain Café.

We ordered a cold drink and waited for Jim & Linda to arrive.

We enjoyed the company of Trent & Teresa so much and the conversation never waned. Once Jim & Linda arrived and everyone was introduced, it was as if we had all been friends for many years. You experienced RVers know exactly what I am talking about. We all enjoyed a delicious, leisurely lunch.

In the same building as Adams Mountain Café is a wine tasting store called D-Vine Wines, so we took our laughter and conversation to the wine place. We ended up purchasing 10 bottles of wine between us, so we should be all set for the foreseeable future.

We left our wine purchases there to pick up later, and walked down the street to the homemade ice cream store. All of the guys ordered ice cream while the ladies shopped for chocolate goodies.

We walked along the street, peeking in shops but not buying anything, before returning to pick up our wine and heading for the trucks.

Next stop was at “Seven Falls” which is a beautiful place to visit. I thought the $9.00 per person charge for entrance was a bit high, but we all had a good time. Trent & Teresa climbed the 181 steps in the 90 degree heat, while the rest of us took the elevator to the observation platform.

They took the elevator down with us but saved enough energy to climb the first set of steps along the waterfall. That set, if you go all the way to the top, is another 260 steps. I don’t know how many steps they climbed all together but I do know that only Jim started to climb those same steps and he went about half way to the first platform before turning around and coming back down.

Trent & Teresa climbed all the way up to that first platform so we can only give them credit and remember the days when we could have done that. LOL

Back at the campground we sat outdoors in the shade, sharing more good conversation, some snacks and a cold drink on this hot day.

We broke up around 6:30 and each headed toward our own RV for the night.

Marilyn & I walked down to the office to give Jennifer a call, since it was time for her to be off work. (7:30 Central time)

After a nice conversation with Jen, we walked slowly back to the cool, air conditioned RV which is home for us.

I have a subject in mind to write about tomorrow, which may be important to all Rvers. I have to get my thoughts together and I’ll work on it much of the day tomorrow, for the evening post.

For now, I’ll just wrap this up and post some pictures from today.

We’ll just have to wait until morning to begin getting a look at whatever adventures that day has in store…..

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