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Another bonfire night with marshmallows

Eck Visitor Center


Granite sphere elevated & rotated by water

Spire of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart

"Hand off" statue

"The Golden Dome" - main building


Original log chapel

Grotto of our Lady of Lourdes


Inside the Golden Dome


Mary atop the Golden Dome

Tradition-students run through fountain after FB victory

With the USC win 1200 students in simultaneously

"It's a touchdown" Jesus is facing the stadium!


The end zone


Players entryway to the FB field

Bookstore interior


friend sharing a chip

Notre Dame collegiate enthusiasm is contagious. The lifelong dream of a young boy came true with his acceptance to Notre Dame in the school of architecture. Meet Patrick '12 from near-by Granger, our tour guide. The tour begins at Eck Visitor Center. Immediately, Patrick has piqued your interest by always facing you(walking backwards). Father Sorin envisioned an American Catholic university in the tradition of the great medieval universities of Europe. From humble log cabin beginnings, came a picturesque Gothic campus. Academics(one semester of study abroad included in tuition) and sports add to the prevading combination of tradition and mystique. When viewing the pictures, notice the captions under the statues. It is the N-D custom for students to "translate" the meaning of ALL the statues(there are many) into football terminology. The group was in stitches as Patrick interjected humor and brought the story of the university to life. Please enjoy the pics; Notre Dame campus tour is a must do event!

Interestingly, NO ONE sets foot on the playing field grass-no rushing the field. You will be arrested. There are no billboards, ads, etc allowed. Students are offered season passes, 50% discount.

It was another bonfire night as more RVer's came in. Texas, Missouri, Montana, Michigan, and Virginia were represented. You know that meant tall tales-ha! Our camper is being called up to the "big house" tomorrow. The factory will be inspecting and wrapping up by Friday afternoon. Meanwhile, we're in a motel. Your rig is home; we greatly miss it. To the "head man" at Team Extreme we say good luck!!

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