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john in jail

greg in jail

terry in jail

muddy road

muddy bikes

stopped for lunch

made it to Alberta

Day 7

After breaking camp relatively early we drove back to Gromlid,

filled up with gas, went to the saloon and took some goofy pictures,

and headed out of town. We were ok when we left but soon got wet. At one point we had to drive down a dirt road turned to mud.

My bike got covered with mud.

We made it to Alberta when it was getting late and decided to stop in Cold Lake.

Terry had the idea of looking for a bed and bkf, after the main hotels

turned out to be quite expensive. Beautiful room and I’m sure the bkf will be great as well. Despite the rain there were some highlights of the day. We came across a momma bear with cubs. Terry and I saw two cubs but Greg swears he saw three. When we came up on them the mother bear led the cubs to the trees at the side of the road and then she disappeared. The cubs climbed up the trees and looked at us. Every time one of them started to come down Greg would rev his engine and honk his horn and it would scurry back up the tree. We had on full rain gear which meant that my camera was under three layers of clothes….no picture. It was great to get to Alberta. We’re definitely more than half way now. Hope you like the pictures.

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