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The Airplane Restaurant

Airplane Restaurant - LaValda & Ben Heiple

Airplane Restaurant - Wing Inside Building

Airplane Restaurant - Model Airplane

Airplane Restaurant - Model Airplane

Airplane Restaurant - Glenda Alexander with 'Pilot'

Airplane Restaurant - Plane Dining Room

Airplane Restaurant - Glenda Alexander in Cockpit

Young Life International Headquarters

U S Olympic Center - Athlete Statues

U S Olympic Center - Globe

U S Olympic Center - Ben & LaValda

U S Olympic Center - Exhibits

U S Olympic Center - Garden

U S Olympic Center - Exhibits

U S Olympic Center - Olympic Flame Structure - Glenda Alexander

Today has been a full day of activities with LaValda and Ben. First order of the day was church attendance. It is in a lovely building of unusual modern design.

After church we had lunch at the Airplane Restaurant (, which has a dining room in an old military plane from World War II. One wing, with its engines, is enclosed inside the building. It is a Boeing KC-97, which is one of the largest piston aircraft ever built by Boeing. It is powered by four 4360 Pratt & Whitney engines, each with four banks of seven pistons. Its jets were removed several years ago but the outlines of where they were mounted can still be seen.

By the time we arrived, all the tables in the plane section were already taken, so we had lunch in the ‘regular’ restaurant section almost underneath the wing. There are model airplanes and helicopters hanging from the ceiling and photographs of old aircraft on all the walls. There is also a mannequin of a pilot in the uniform of the World War II period. It was very interesting. Afterwards, we went upstairs to see the airplane section.

During our time at the restaurant it sprinkled a little but had stopped by the time we were ready to leave. It stayed mostly cloudy all day and is quite cool and comfortable – more like October or November in Texas!

After lunch we went to the U S Olympic Visitor Center, where we saw an interesting film of some of the Olympic medal winners. Then we looked around in the shop where I bought a pair of socks to wear with my hiking boots. From there we walked around outside among the exhibits, which are quite impressive.

After our tour there, we drove around the city for a little while. We stopped by the Young Life International headquarters building where LaValda works. They have a wonderful view of Pike’s Peak from their front windows, especially from the cafeteria. They also showed me the original building, which was very nice, but which they had outgrown.

By then it was almost time to go back to their church for a cookout. We stopped at a grocery store to get some potato salad to contribute to the meal. As usual at such a meal, I overate. It is very difficult to eat lightly when there are so many choices!

It was about 8:30 by the time we got back to the RV park. It was a wonderful day.

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