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Another day, another project. Yesterday I finished up the water filter project and I have a bit more information for those of you who wondered what we are doing.

Mobile Suites puts a whole house water filter in the coach, along with a water manifold system, which is very nice. The problem with the water filter is that it is hard to get to, difficult to change, and there is no easy way to check it other than noticing a loss in water pressure.

So, I elected to bypass the standard water filter and install a dual filter system outside, before the water enters the coach.

Also, Marilyn and I both had noticed that our coffee didn’t taste quite as good as it should.

The dual filter system that we constructed consists of a sediment filter first, followed by a charcoal filter to remove impurities and make the water taste good. We put the dual filters in a plastic tub to protect them and it also gives us room in the same tub to store the water hoses and filters when we travel. Our friend Jim, gave me the idea for the whole thing and helped me get it all done correctly. Thanks, Jim.

Marilyn & I both noticed how good our coffee tasted this morning.

So, with that project completed, it was time to clean the truck today. It was pretty dirty, having only been washed in a car wash once in the past month. It just sat in the parking lot in Hannibal, but got pretty dirty from the dust and the rain as well as the cottonwood trees, etc.

Marilyn worked inside, cleaning the rig and defrosting the fridge.

I worked on cleaning the truck, but ran out of steam after working on the truck all morning, so I’ll finish it up tomorrow morning when it is nice and cool outdoors.

The weather here is just awesome and each day is pretty much the same.

A temperature in the low to mid fifties at night, followed by a clear blue sky each morning. The temperatures warm into the high seventies to eighties during the day and each day the clouds build up over the mountains around noon, preparing us for an afternoon shower, before the sky begins to clear again in the evening, with bright stars replacing the clouds, as the temperatures again falls into the fifties, making it great for sleeping under a blanket.

Marilyn & I both took a break in the middle of the afternoon, to sit outdoors with a cold drink, in the shade of our awning, enjoying the scent of the pine trees and the soft breeze.

We were surprised to see a couple of very nice looking younger people walking toward us with big smiles on their faces.

They introduced themselves as Trent & Teresa, from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

We exchanged hugs with these nice folks and then sat visiting for some time. They flew to Colorado Springs to pick up a “new to them” motor home, and are here at Mountaindale for a week.

Because they have no transportation other than the motor home, and they cannot leave Colorado Springs without seeing some of the sights, we will take them for a little tour tomorrow.

Trent & Teresa were like old friends and we enjoyed our time with them so much.

When they left I put some dinner on the grill and Marilyn fixed veggies inside to go with our steaks.

We had just finished our dinner and I had begun this journal entry when there was a knock on the door. It was Cary & Carol from Beardstown, IL. We met them here last year and they read our blog so, knowing that we were here, they stopped by to say hello. They had Carol’s mother, Dorothy and their grandson, Cameron with them.

We sat around outdoors visiting and Marilyn gave them a tour of our rig. Cary & Carol have the Mobile Suites in mind as one option when they retire in a few years.

It was nice to see these good folks again, and to meet Dorothy and Cameron.

Now we are back inside and relaxing. It is time for me to get this journal entry put to bed.

I have a few pictures to share with all of you.

Tomorrow is a new day and we just can’t wait to see what adventures tomorrow might have in store…..

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