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Nova Scotia off in the distance

View of river


Net and various fishing items handing from tree


Waterfall on Fundy Trail

View from hillside

Stairs down to waterfall

Sea Captains grave site





Today we had a leisurely morning it was a bit cold out so we just waited until it started to warm up a bit. It ended up being a nice day still cool out 60 degrees but at least not raining.

Tonight we had the owner of the park, Byron take us over to his house which was built in the 1800's by a Sea Captain. All the work as I had said perviously was done by shipbuilders. Well we walked into this home and could not believe how beautiful it was. All the ceiling were hand-painted by artists from Italy. They were done in flower patterns in very pale pastel colors absolutely beautiful. The mouldings were all hand craved. The furniture was all from the 1800's. Byron is redoing each room and restoring it back to it's original. He does this during the winter months when the park closes. He was saying they have already spent over $100,000 and they aren't even 1/2 finished yet.

The house has been in the family for five generations. They have old law books that date back to the 1800's as well and you can't believe the shape they are in. Actually there are a lot of books throughout the house in very good shape. We went into four different rooms downstairs all of them having huge fireplaces which we Byron told us actually every room has a fireplace. One of the rooms was a dining room which the chairs all had grape cravings on them and we were told that at one time this was a sign of wealth. All around these rooms there were different artifacts from the 1800's which were so fascinating to see.

We then went upstairs which the railing going up was all handcraved with waves and Byron explained that all the houses built by shipbuilders would always have some cravings throughout the house that brought the sea into it. Upstairs is where the bedrooms are they was nine bedrooms because they had nine children. The bedroom furniture is unbelievable with beautiful cravings and his wife has made these beautiful quilts that were on all the beds. I think what amazed me was that in each bedroom all the furniture matched which showed they were a fairly wealthy family in their day.

Throughout the house they had original paintings done by artists from the 1800's as well. Byron showed us a book that had been done by a writer who was going around the Maritimes looking for old paintings that depicted that era and he took pictures of Byron's and they are in this book. We enjoyed walking through this house it was so neat hearing all the history behind this area and Byron's family.

Anyways getting back to the beginning of our day we decided to go for a hike along the Fundy Trail which is only 10 miles from the park.

They have an Interpretive Center which we visited first and the staff there were fantastic. They told us a lot about the history of the area where the Interpretive Center is now was the hub of the Big Salmon River they had at one time 4 or 5 mills along with a small town that sat up on top of the hill overlooking Fundy Bay that was in the 1800's.

They also built 5 barges which they called Barge One, Two, etc. At that time there was a population of about 1000 people and they had a school house which the teacher was only 16 years old. You could see the remnants of the old school house and where they the ships would come in and pick up the lumber. In the winter the men would go way up into the hills and chop the trees down then come spring they would send them down flues and then bring them into the river so they could then load them on the ships.

From the Interpretive Center we went for a couple of different hikes one was down to Fuller Falls which was just great the water was just rushing down the side of the hillside. You had to go down these really steep cable stairs to get to the falls which were a little spooky I have to say coming up was easier than going down.

We then went on another hike around to see the Sea Captain's burial ground. There were two burial grounds which were surround by white pick fences and a lot of the headstones have worn so badly you can even see who was buried there. We figured the sea captains were buried on top of the hill so they could still see the ocean from where the grave sites were. It was so surreal around this site.

There are so many different areas to hike around the Fundy Trail you could spend quite a bit of time here. They are extending the Fundy Trail so you can end up at the Hopewell Rocks which we went to yesterday that should be complete in 2012 which should really help this area economically.

We were really tired after all that walking and climbing so we came back to the campground and ended up having a drink with the couple next door they are from Fredericton and he is up here going to see a specialist in St John because he has been diagnosed with prostrate cancer. He will be starting treatment later this week so they will stay at the campground here for about a month while he has the treatments.

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