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View from crater rim

vast expanse of the crater floor

Buffalo staring us down

Lazy lions

so cute you can almost pet it

on the prowl


Awwww... it's a baby!

beautiful impala

no, we're not in Miami

HA HA HA HA! I kill myself!

I'll give you something to laugh about!

Black rhinos in the distance

We set out in 2 Land Rovers early this morning for our safari in the crater. It was a nice sunny day. We climbed up a bumpy road to the crater rim, where we caught a panoramic view of the crater and got our first glimpse of the crater floor. Since it is the start of the 'long rains', everything was green. It was beautiful. Below us, completely surrounded by the crater walls, was approx 270 sq km of grassland and 2 lakes.

When we got to the crater floor, we saw buffalos, gazelles, zebras, hyenas, bull elephants, jackals, lots of wildebeests, zebras rolling in the sand, hippos fighting in the pond, and a pride of lionesses and their cubs finding relief in the shade of another safari vehicle. It was here that we pulled up right beside 3 females and 4 cubs. As we pulled up, the driver rolled up his window as fast as he could, while Lammie rolled down her window as fast as she could!! They were so close that when one of the females got up and walked past the car, we could have pet the lioness (yes, we had to fight the urge) without reaching too far out the window! She practially brushed herself on the side of the car!!! We sat there for a while taking it all in. Amazing. We could not help but look into their beautiful yellow eyes (and wonder if 'Dad' was coming up behind us.... ).

We got VERY close to a lot of animals, and they didn't seem too bothered by us. With the hyena, we could see its crazed smile and the drool on its lips.

Also spotted here were the first black rhinos we've seen on our trip!! YAY!!! That rounds off the last of the Big 5!!! At one of the lakes, we saw thousands of very pink flamingos.

It's hard to describe how beautiful it is here other than to say that it is a truly magical place - it is the largest natural zoo.

What we didn't see here are giraffes and oddly enough, female elephants. Why put all the effort climbing in and out of the crater when you can make the boys come to you?? ;)

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