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Brekkie on the rocks

Cool rocks

Just like my mum, climbing in a skirt and flip flops

Steve decided not to wear his skirt today

Bye bye Musty

Steva and Louise

The surf hire shop

Steve's in the middle on the wave, we have such a great...

Battling through the waves


Cool bikes!

We had to drop off the car at 10:30 this morning, so we got up early to go for a drive to make the most of it.

We stopped off to get some water and fruit for brekkie, then drove round the coast the same way as yesterday. We found a cool viewing point where you could climb over the wall and down to rocks to the sea. The rocks were actually cooled lava that had been shaped by the sea over the years.

We found a plot, right in the way of people trying to take pictures of the view and had our brekkie, it was really lovely.

We stopped off to get some petrol and then negotiated the one way streets back to Enterprise. There were two ladies hoping to get a Mustang, so they were pleased when we turned up.

It was lunchtime by the time we'd finished with the car and we went to a place we'll now call the Aloha cafe as they said Aloha before and after everything they said, they were Japanese and I don't think it meant what they thought it meant...

I was starting to struggle with the heat again, probably because I got burnt in the car yesterday, so we went back to the room for a cool off before hitting the beach.

We hired a board again for 2 hours, Steve went first and then swapped with me after half an hour. He pops up like a pro now, I'm getting there I'm down to two point stand up technique instead of four... bet that will be a different story if we get a shorter board though!

We stayed on the beach until the sun started to go down and then went back to the room to get ready for dinner. I'd read about a recommended Thai restaurant in the Rough Guide (thanks Jen!), so we decided to check that out.

The food was sooo delicious, we both opted for a curry and they were stuffed full of veg. They even had brown rice so I was happy.

We went to bed full and looking forward to the Independence Day celebrations tomorrow.


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