Bob & Linda's Alaska Trip 2009 travel blog

Mud flats at Captain Cook State Pk - Cook Inlet

Elk just strolling down the road

Eagle on the beach at Deep Creek

Sunset at Deep Creek

Mt. Redoubt blowing off steam

Boat launch at Deep Creek - low tide

Russian Orthodox Church in Ninilchik sets high on the hill overlooking the...

7/2 - Chilled out a day at The Bluffs in Kenai waiting for the haze to clear hoping to see Mt Redoubt and Beluga Whales (didn't see either). 7/3 - Moved down to Ninilchik and had Elk and Moose sightings today (still no bullwinkle). Camped at Deep Creek State Recreation Area on the beach ( the beach here consisted of big flat stones and soft gravel - we sure are spoiled by east coast beaches). We watched fisherman come and go, clean their catch on the beach and leave the bone racks for the eagles and sea gulls. Next to the camping area was a neat boat launch. You drive your boat into the lot and unhitch, then park your truck. You then come back and climb into your boat (they provide ladders). Then this tractor hooks up to your trailer and backs you into the bay to launch. When your ready to come back in, the whole procedure is reversed. Neat to watch. The couple next to us treated the neighbors to salmon dinner ( we all provided the fixings ). Sooo Good! We sure are getting our Omega's. 7/4 - Volcano (Mt Redoubt)puffed a lot of steam today. The mountains were a little clearer today. It could have been puffing the other days but we just couldn't see for the haze. They say there are 4 volcanoes in this area (called the Ring of Fire)that are being watched for possible eruptions soon. A lot of activity at the beach - kids flying kites and riding ATVs, especially at low tide on the mud flats. One group (there's always one) of campers brought fireworks and set them off all day (can't wait for darkness - just doesn't happen).

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