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Fuel before heading North

1929 Plymouth and 1964 Franklin

broken bus

5th July, Left Camilles’ around 10ish, pleased to have the internet drama resolved. The trip wouldn’t be the same without the blog, emails and the stock market.

Fueled up in Viveash and made a beeline for the Great Northern Hwy, hoping to drop in for a quick hello to Louie & Yvonne who are working on an orchard just north of Bindoon. Found the place quite easily and got directions to the paddock where they were weed spraying. Didn’t hang around, only a brief chat because they were pretty busy and no time even for a cuppa.

Back on the highway with New Norcia in our sites, hoping to buy some bread from the New Norcia Bakery…well it seems this doesn’t really exist, the Monks do bake bread, but they sell it in the museum which requires an entry fee. So….lunch was a Mrs Macs pie from the roadhouse…..glad we stopped, we were introduced to 3 ancient but very pristine caravans and a couple of old cars towing them. The photo is a 1929 Plymouth with a transplanted 6 litre V8 towing a 1964 Franklin caravan. I can understand putting the time into restoring the car…..but a caravan? A real credit to its’ owner though, in as new condition.

Pulled out of New Norcia with no where in particular we needed to be to camp…..just expecting to pull into the bush around 4 pm. We arrived Paynes Find at 4, and when I was paying for the fuel I noticed the footy was on in the bar (just a roadhouse and pub here)…..the Dockers were winning, so I went back and suggested to Terri this would be a good place to camp…no argument there……also part of the pub is the caravan park. Paid the tariff, drove around the back to the caravan park, a quick set-up and back to the pub to watch the footy….damn shame about the result.

As we drove into Paynes Find we noticed a coach with a very odd looking front bumper, almost broken off….and about 20 teenage boys in the pub. Apparently they were from Shenton College in Perth and had been on a school excursion up into the Pilbara. The bus broke down here on their way home and some one tried to tow start the bus using a big heavy chain…..hence the broken bumper. They were waiting for another bus from Perth, which arrived about 5 o’clock. The boys and their gear were loaded on and they left around 6. Finally had the place to ourselves……decided to try out the local cuisine and eat at the pub. One of the best pork roasts I’ve ever had and Terri had a large grilled snapper.

Time for a shower and bed.

Forgot to mention, the Plymouth is getting about 28 litres per 100 kms, roughly 10 miles per gallon. By comparison the Pajero is averaging 22 mpg.

No fonr signal at Paynes Find so sending this from Meekatharra

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