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me outside of work in the morning

me with Wayne, the head chef at my work

grand staircase in the lobby of the Club

one of the big rooms being set up for a conference

the Reading Room at the Club--a really pretty room!

looking down on the lobby

where I get to work every day!

Matt, Emma & Katie chatting with my boss at the BBQ

Katie & me at the BBQ

Emma, Katie, me & Liz at the BBQ

the castle grounds at Malahide

Malahide Castle

up close

entrance to the castle

church steeple as we're walking into the village of Malahide

Malahide Harbour



Beach at Malahide

out at Captain America's!

I am veryyy tired writing this tonight, after a successful Independence Day weekend! It being the first time I haven't actually been in the US for July 4th, I actually had a great time, even though it wasn't quite as patriotic as usual.

We kicked off our several-day celebration of America by supporting the celebration of Canada on Canada Day, which was Wednesday. Thomas, a boy here from UVA, has a fellow intern who is Canadian, and invited us all to a bar called the Woolshed, which was having a Canada Day celebration. The place was really big, but the Canada party was confined to only a smaller room and it was realllll crowded and hot. Still fun though!

On Friday, I spent most of my day at work helping prepare for the 4th of July Hoe Down BBQ at the Club. I thought it was funny that even the Irish would celebrate an American holiday, but I guess it is a decent excuse for them to throw a party and drink! Earlier in the week, I got to write a letter inviting people from the US Embassy to the BBQ, which was cool. The day of the party, I was in charge of decorations and music. I volunteered myself for music, because I figured I had a much more extensive iTunes library of country songs and Bruce Springsteen than anyone else who works there. Doing decorations was a little different than what I'm used to--this club is a lot less organized than the one I worked at last summer, so the budget they gave me didn't go quite as far (although that's probably also because Dublin is so expensive!) But I think everyone liked it, and my boss also let me invite my "American mates" to the party, so 5 of the UVA kids came with me after work. We ended up staying until midnight talking to an American woman who's sister works for the Embassy, and 3 Irish guys who are lawyers and told us all about how here, they have to wear wigs in court! My boss was super nice to everyone, and it was great to get to show my friends around my "office".

Saturday morning, I woke up to a lot of clouds and rain, which was a little disheartening--I'm used to thunderstorms on the 4th, but not cold, dreary days! EUSA had a picnic for us though, and we put on our raincoats and managed to still have a good time eating more BBQ food outside. We hadn't really made any set plans for the day--plus, half the group had gone to Belfast for the weekend--so those of us who were here decided to take a day trip out to Malahide, which is a harbour town just 45 minutes north of here. Lucky for us, by the time we got off the bus downtown to catch the other bus to Malahide, it was already warm and sunny...the weather here is so unpredictable! When we got there, we walked around the castle grounds and toured Malahide Castle. From there we walked into the town, along the marina and down to the beach. It was pretty windy, but very peaceful, and Malahide seemed like a really nice community to live in. We had dinner at a pub there, then headed back into the city. First, we went to a place called Captain America's which some of us had seen a while ago, and thought it would be an appropriate place to hang out on July 4th. We spent a little while there, then moved on to a pub called O'Donoghue's, where we had gone one night last week. Liz has a friend from study abroad visiting right now, and she was a lot of fun to hang out with. We stayed out pretty late, and luckily had a chance to sleep in this morning!

This morning was another rainy, dreary one, and it stayed that way all day this time. We got to attend a hurling match, though, which definitely made up for the weather. It was the Leinster Hurling Finals, Dublin vs. Kilkenny, and it was just such a cool atmosphere to be in. Hurling is really interesting because players 1) are not paid to be on these teams, so they all have other jobs, and 2) players can't be traded--they have to play for the county in which they were born. Last night, our cab driver told us a little about the Dublin team: they haven't won the finals in 18 years, and they haven't beat Kilkenny in 6 years. Also, the cab driver turned out to be the Manager of the team when they beat them 6 years ago--what a coincidence! He seemed excited that we were going to the match, and it was really neat to be able to talk to someone who has actually had something to do with the sport. The game was relatively easy to follow, surprising since the ball moves around the pitch so quickly. Hurling looked to be a sort of combination of field hockey, lacrosse, and rugby, and it looked really difficult! There were lots of fans there from both teams, and it was just a really good time, even despite the rain. Dublin lost, but I don't think the fans were too surprised about that. I've spent the rest of the evening just relaxing and preparing for another week of work.

There are still a couple of places in Dublin I'd like to visit, and a couple of trips I'd like to take as well. Next weekend we will hopefully take a day trip somewhere on Saturday, and Sunday I'm going to a huge music festival out in County Kildare for the day!

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