On the Road 2009 travel blog

Caz, Dion, Bear and Sarah from Goole, Yorkshire, England

Chuss of San Marcos, Guatemala

Valerie and Wade Using His Sandal To Open A Beer

Reef Sandals with Built-In Bottle Opener

I met some interesting people from all over the world. Some have reservations and others just show up at the door asking if there are rooms available. The cast of characters ranged from anthropologists to honeymooners. Four spirited kids from Goole, Yorkshire, England had interesting occupations: kitchen worker, caretaker at home for handicapped adults, plasterer, and electrician for the Royal Mail Service. We also had a couple from Guatemala who own a holistic center in San Marcos on Lake Atitlan, Luisa and Chuss.

A couple named Valerie and Wade arrived in the afternoon. They were sweethearts in high school, lost touch, and reunited a few years later. A sweet story. Wade had an amazing pair of sandals, flip flops with a built-in bottle opener in the sole. A great invention!

Another out of the ordinary arrival was Christopher who operates Hotel Baxar at Pie de la Cuesta, the beach town near Acapulco.


Finally, I met Cuper and Marta from Lake Catemaco (3rd largest lake in Mexico and area known for white witches and cleansings).

No two days are alike and I've met some great people all having fun on holiday.

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