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Caves in Saint Martins at low tide

Beach no one around it was so cold

These caves are really big and deep

See how small the people look compared to the cave

Seaweed covers rocks

Beautiful rock formations

Restaurant we sat and had tea to warm up

Boats sitting on dryland when tide is out

Don't know how they get on the boats when lowtide

There are a number of covered bridges around this area

This morning we woke up to pouring rain and thunder so we just stayed in bed until 10:00 which is really late for us. We got up and read the news and we saw a little bit of light outside with no rain so we decided to go for a walk along the beach. It was cold but it was good to get outside.

They had today at lunch a free bbq so we wandered up at 12:00 and had hot dogs and cake. It was really nice we met lots of people and had a good time talking with them. They have tonight for $3.00 a dance with live music so we are going to that at 7:30. After lunch we wandered up to the caves it was low tide so we were able to walk right up and inside of them. It is quite the thing to realize the tide comes right into these caves.

A few days ago we didn't see it but locals were telling us that there were starfish all on the sides of the caves and the seagulls were swarming grabbing these starfish and taking off. It started to get really cold a wind came up and there was a drizzle so we headed up to the small restaurant there and sat undercover outside and had a hot cup of tea.

As we came back to the campsite we noticed that the fishing boats that are at the little marina there were on dry land we didn't realize that when the tide goes out the boats end up on dryland and then when it comes in they float and away they go fishing out into Funday Bay.

We sat outside for a little while when we came back and Brian was putzing around fixing a few minor things. As you travel along because some of the roads are so bumpy things come loose and so he makes sure he stays on top of things which I'm really glad he does.

It got cold out again so we came in and were just making dinner then we will go up to the dance tonight. Tomorrow it is suppose to be a nice day so we are going for a hike around the Fundy trail and then Monday is also suppose to be a nice day so we will drive up to Hopewell Rock which is about 1 1/2 hrs from here.

I have to say that this morning when we got up we were really thinking of ending our trip to the Maritimes the weather was just getting to us only about 4 nice days in six weeks. When I say it is raining I mean pouring Donna and Les remember when you came for dinner and the wind came up and the rain came that is how it has been for six weeks here. We thought about just heading down south till we find good weather but then we ran into a couple from Vermont and they said it has rained down that area for about a month and they had rain all the way up. So we thought we might as well keep going and make the best of it. We are just praying for some sun one of these days after all it is July already. Well we are still enjoying ourselves and meeting very nice people so I guess what else can you ask for.

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