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I finally got to see Uluru!

Uluru is Hugeeeee!

Sunset at Uluru!

The Arid desert - not alot there!

Aboriginal Art on Uluru - symbol shows watering hole

Aboriginal Art on Uluru - Depicts a monster

The land around here, mainly grasses

Kuta Tjuta (The Olga's) - I treked in them amazing!

Our trek brought us to this!

The Olga's - orange due to iron-ore in the rock

Well I can honestly say the last 28 hours have been the best of my trip and maybe even my life! Seen the most amazing things and realised what a lucky girl I am!!!

First of all I went to see Uluru at sunset, when I saw the rock I got this shiver right down my spine. This has only happened to me previously at Sydney Opera House 5 years ago. It was pure amazing and one of those moments in my life for sure.

Its the WEIRDEST thing and looks like a giant with no head! Its so much bigger than I thought but sadly I didn't have time to walk around it (takes 4 hours minimum). The sunset itself wasn't anything special but it was interesting to see the rock change shape. I had no intention of walking up it as its disrespectful, would Catholics appreciate people trying to climb the Vatican walls!!!

The next morning I went on a base walk of the rock and saw some fantastic aboriginal drawings. Most have been ruined by previous tourists but thankfully they are protected now. We viewed many interesting spots on the rock were women had babies etc....

Then I went to the Olga's (Kuta Tjuta) which I knew nothing about. Its nearly even better than Uluru but they are hard to compare, they really are a well kept secret. The rumour is the aboriginal people make a fuss of Uluru just to keep the focus away from the Olga's. The aboriginal men have 'mens meeting's' here and so it's quite sacred. There are 32 domes in the structure and I trekked through two for two hours. It was fantastic, rough ground but my fitness has improved so much it was a doddle. Much rather be outdoors now rather than in a tour bus. Then watched sunset here which was much more impressive than at Uluru.

Then the icing on the cake was a barbie outdoors looking at the stars. I have never seen them so clear in my life. I saw an amzing view of the milky way, orion, southern cross and jupiter. It really was the prefect end to a day I will never forget.


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