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Calm down, it's an old paper!

The entrance to the museum

Memorials for those who fell

Benny Kent

The Officers quarters

The canteen

Steve wouldn't let me drive the truck but I'll be dammed if...

The term 'hot-desking' is not a new one, these are hot bunks!

Twist It Bop It Extreeeeeeme

I think this one is for orange juice...

This door is actually normal sized, it's just the heeed that makes...

I think I just blew up Japan..!



No disassemble!

This is their blowing up stuff record... sorry can't remember the real...

The Poseidon - a 'peacekeeping' nuclear missle...

The Stephen - a buffet eating nuclear missile

Another splendid sunset

We had breakfast in LuLu's today, the food was great but again a tad expensive, I did get a wickid fruit salad though and Steve said his omelet was good too.

We decided to do a bit of sight seeing today and hopped on the bus to Pearl Harbour. We'd heard that it was only 7 miles away but in true local bus fashion it ended up taking about an hour.

We'd missed the last USS Arizona tour by the time we got there but the museum the Bowfin submarine was still open for tours.

First stop was the Bowfin, we donned our headsets and started the tour. I don't think I've ever been on a submarine before and was amazed how there were so many different rooms inside and how tiny and hot they were, I can't imagine how the men could stand it for weeks or months at a time.

The audio tour was really good and gave you an insight into how everything worked... don't quiz me on it though, my brain is a bit mushy these days!

We were the last ones walking round the museum and left at closing. We walked up to the bus stop, not relishing the idea of another hour's journey. We were just about to jump on when a guy told us we'd be better off getting the one behind it and then changing in town, it should take half the time. We had nothing to lose so we jumped on the next one with him. He was very knowledgeable and gave us a brief history of Hawaii and made us feel a bit stupid that we didn't know the UK's involvement in it... that soon wore off when we realised how hungry we were.

I'd seen a flier for an 'eat as much as you can' buffet just off the seafront, so we decided to check that out. The bus was indeed quicker and we were soon in the familiar surroundings of the buffet tables.

The food was quite like Circus Circus, the salads were great but the mains were a bit on the deep fried side, we did our best though...

On the way back the sun was setting and it was a beauty, so we stopped to watch it.

Back at the hotel we tried to investigate going to some of the other islands, the flights are nice cheap but it's a nightmare trying to find somewhere affordable to stay. The hostels seem to be quite a way away from the coast and we've been told that there are a few dodgy areas, so without knowing the island we're taking a bit of a risk just turning up there.

We've extended our stay till Friday, so hopefully we'll have a brainwave by then.


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