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Snake eating bat

Tour guide or Carmen?

1st July Travel day - bus, ferry, bus (with flies) and then onto a "chicken bus". Although there were no chickens on this bus we were entertained by two preachers one an old guy who got his maracas out and had a sing song the other was more your fire and brimstone sort. I felt as though I had sinned even though I didn´t understand a word he was saying. At the end however he came to everyone and shook their hand or patted them on the shoulder. We entered Granada in style on the back of truck (all crammed in like a bunch of slaves on the way to a market). This amused the locals! I found Granada instantly appealing with its architecture, colourful cathedral and cobbled streets with horse drawn carriages. What I didn´t like was the fact that some of the horses were clearly mistreated and generally starved (you could see their haunches and ribs). Here I lost my second pair of glasses and discovered that I had left my torch in Ometepe! We also found out that there was trouble brewing in Honduras with the president being overthrown in a Coupe de Tar? This was going to be our next destination. 2nd July Kayaking around the small islands in the lake the kayaks were not that modern but did the job. Some of the islands were up for sale. It was interesting to see how people had planned there island retreats. There were some absolutely spectacular plots. The full day kayak was more like 3 hours but this was enough. Later that evening we had agreed to go on a guided tour of the city with a lady who seemed a little crazy. As we walked down the main street with the lady in full Nicaraguan dress it soon became clear that she was indeed slightly eccentric. She would be walking backwards whilst randomly talking about dates in Nicaragua's history (in no apparent chronology just whatever popped into her head). It was hard to keep a straight face as she trampled over children playing in the street and knocked into elderly people who were not expecting to be walked into by a lady walking backwards not looking where she was going! The highlight of the tour was the singing of the Nicaraguan National anthem in the main square. You could tell from local peoples faces, as the 7 of us gathered around to hear the anthem, that this lady was some kind of local nutter. We played along (two literally with maracas that had been acquired the previous evening) I took my hat off and put my hand on my chest as I looked around I noticed two tramps standing to attention next to me doing a mock was priceless!!!! The group disbanded after about an hour but she was still talking and wanting to take us to random statues miles from our hotel. In the end I made it back to base only to see her singing to a group of Norwegian girls in the hotel reception, it didn´t seem to bother her that these girls were deaf. In the end we had several renditions of poetry and "Carmenesk" operatic pieces....thing was she didn´t have a great voice and often missed the high notes.

3rd July Chill and get massage from the seeing hands outfit.

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