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Arenal Volcano

29 June Travel day across the border. Bus, bus, ferry and bus. Go for swim in the lake with wonderful back drop of the other volcano (and most prominent) Conception. Try out both Nicaraguan beers Victoria and Tonia. Very warm night with spectacular lightning show. The electricity went out as it often does in this part of the world and as we looked over to the lake you could see the waves splashing up on the shore line in between flashes of sheet lightning. Spooky. 30 June Several of us decided to climb the smaller volcano (Maderas?) it was a fairly early start. As we reached the view point the group broke up and the others went back to go for a swim leaving a few eiger hikers and the guide. The going got tough not only was it tropical humidity but the path was continually upwards and we seemed to be walking along a path that had once been a stream (lots of rocks roots and mud). We eventually reached the summit with no view due to the trees. However, the purpose of climbing this volcano is that you can go for a swim in the crater lake. So after making our way deep into the crater we were pleased to see the cool lake. The prospect of walking back was not good and if we could have parachuted off the top I think I would have! Once back at the hotel I had a massage booked. The lady came to the room and I had to supply my own cream!!! Luckily I got the heads up from two fellow travellers who had just had a massage from the same lady. Not being able to communicate in Spanish posed a few moments as you can imagine but on the whole it was a good massage and certainly helped the next day.

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