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200ft to go....down.

27th June Arrive in Monteverde from La Fortuna this involved a boat ride across the Lake and then a fairly long journey weaving around the stony bumpy road to the so called "Swiss styled town". You would have to have a vivid imagination to see anything Swiss in the main town centre although there were a few buildings out of town that had a Swiss mountain retreat style. The thunder and lightning from the previous days seemed to have followed us although it is wet season and rather humid. 28th June Rappelling was recommended and is basically a mix of canyoning (jumping into waterfalls and streams) abseiling and rappelling (kind of abseiling without touching the wall). We were driven upon the back of a truck up to the Secret Valley and given our briefing. The guide told us that there were two rules of rappelling 1) Safety 2)Fun and that we would also get wet. It sounded a little like fight club you know the first rule of fight club is that you don´t talk about fight club....anyway. Consequently got wet not just as a result of the stream but having water thrown on us by the guide. The first real challenge came with a 150ft rapel into a valley. This was followed by another rapel which made the other one seem like child's play........200ft. The ant like figure at the bottom controlled (to an extent) how close you got to the waterfall. Later on I opted to go on a night hike. This was a) not a hike more of a stroll around some paths b) not that much of a revelation as I had seem most of the insects in the Amazon jungle. Nevertheless, I did see two mammals (A kind of skunk like creature and a large rat like guinea pig?) the other highlights were the tarantulas (always a winner!). 29th June After the rappelling I thought zip lining above the canopy would be a "walk in the Park" The first of about 16 zip lines was just a short trip but then the next one was 700m or so across a valley (probably 200ft) below. The gloves had extra padding which allowed you to control the final speed as you approached the platforms. You were supposed to be told whether to slow down by a guide on the platform this was not always the case as I discovered (feet into trees!). There were two surprises on this activity the first I new was a rapel (having done this the day before I was not concerned)...Then I discovered that it was different and that I would be expected to lie back and let the guide lower me on the rope this was fine until he decided to let me free fall for 100ft! I let out a girly like scream which was a bit embarrassing but I figured I wouldn´t be alive to see anyone afterwards... The next surprise was the Tarzan swing I need to find out the exact height all I know was that I was seriously considering not doing this as it looked bungeesk although I am sure nowhere near as frightening. I must say I did enjoy it.....after the initial wedgy from the rope taking my weight and then realising that my internal organs were still with me and not left back on the platform. For others it was no doubt a piece of cake and they would do this from handstand position or even naked...but for me it was a step out into the adrenaline zone!

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