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Sea Horse, sent this to Auntie Donna

Diamond Lil at Cayos Cochinos - sent this to Mike and Irene

La Punta as seen from the hills above Pandytown

Tommy Turtle - for Tyler

Underwater - sent to Mike and Irene, let's hope it doesn't get...

Lonnie and Cynthia's boat (from West End) on an old oar we...

Miss Sandy's house - a gift to take to the party on...

Grampa with his Big Fishy - for Tyler

Pandytown as seen from La Punta

Painting gives me a lot of pleasure. These are a few of my recent projects. Our 2 year old grandson Tyler liked the real picture of Grampa with the big fishy, when he saw the blood he said "ew mommy big fishy crashed" so I painted him a picture of John with his barracuda and one of a turtle so he will know us as the "boating", although absentee grandparents. SIGH!

Currently 13 of my original paintings are somewhere between Honduras and Ontario and I sure hope they arrive eventually.

SPECIAL thanks to Irene and Naomi who both mailed me the painting supplies that I cannot find here from Canada. It sure means a lot.

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