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Dev's salmon

Mike's salmon...which one's bigger?

Reid Glacier

Dink man


Tail and another

Goin' down

Sashimi anyone?

Cocktail ice

The left side of the Marguerite Glacier


Another mountain face

Look like a crazy monkey similar to the Wizar of Oz

Calving sequence.... her goes








Where did the time go? One week ago, our son Devon arrived in Juneau for a 10 day trip to explore with us from Juneau and Glacier Bay to Sitka, Alaska. We quickly departed Juneau after a brief sightseeing ride around town and headed the next morning towards Glacier Bay. We listened to the mandatory park ranger presentation and spent a couple of nights at anchor within Glacier Bay. The Marguerite and Lumplugh glaciers were a treat and we had sun overhead. Sun is not a given in SE Alaska. For about every 5 days of rain/cold/gloom or any combination thereof we get 1-2 sunny days. We saw glacial calving and got some pics to boot. To top off our day we were able to enjoy the Marguerite glacier with our buddies on Mutineer V. It was fortunate that the huge calving that occurred with the Mutineers in close proximity was not a big threat, just a huge rolling wave. Later that evening there was little sleep for me at anchor in the Reid inlet. The willowaw's blew all night, tugging at the snubber/anchor chain which normally disturbs my ability to relax. These winds are cold and blow hard over the tops of mountains/glaciers into inlets and valleys much like Santa Ana winds in California.

Our time together has been so nice. We each have our roles; I cook, Mike pilots the boat and Devon fishes. We have all been fruitful...Mike made major tracks (quicker than we would normally travel due to Dev's time schedule), I have cooked and cooked (due to lack of shoreside restaurants)and Devon caught 3 crabs and 2 nice sized salmon. Luckily, Mike caught two as well. Altogether they hooked 10 and landed 4...hmm 40%. Guess they need more practice. So crab cakes,teriyaki salmon and salmon sashimi were the highlights this week, oh yeah, there were brownies too!

I think Dev was surprised at the fact that we (he in this case) don't step foot on land for a week or more at a time. But here we are sitting at the Eliason Harbor in Sitka with all the amenities; cell service, groceries, internet, restaurants and the ability to just stretch our legs. Since we are on the main walkway we have met at least a half dozen nice people here as they pass by. We will be joining the folks on Serendipity (Nordhavn 55) on the 3rd (in lieu of the 4th) for the 11:30 p.m. firework show.

Have a safe and happy 4th!

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