Voyage of the Wayward Wind - 2009 travel blog

Thursday, June 18 to Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our two weeks at Patapsco State Park were very enjoyable. The park is beautiful, the spaces large and relatively private. I continued with a number of doctor appointments but was able to consolidate them so that we were not having to drive back to Silver Spring every day We were also able to include other errands into those trips as well as visits with Matt and friends we’d not been able to see while at Greenbelt. Consequently, we had time to just sit and read. The weather was not too bad - still humid but not as hot and with very little rain. We went to Charlestown, the retirement home where Drew’s mother had been, to visit with “Aunt Charlotte” Howser. She is a very special lady whom we have known for many, many years. She is 102 years young!

Pinewood Ave is having a baby boom, mostly boys. There must be something in the water. Night before last, a house just around the corner from Pinewood burned. It’s a brick house so it is still standing, but there can’t be much left of the interior. I’m sure that added a little excitement to the neighbors’ night. We spent time with Roxy, Matt’s dog. She seemed to remember ‘grandpa’ and was so excited to see him. We were invited to Dave & Betsy Povtak’s for dinner one evening and really enjoyed visiting with them and with George & Phyllis Siegrist who were also there. Unfortunately, the Battistelli’s and the Hill’s were out of town so we were not able to see them. Perhaps we’ll stop in Silver Spring for a couple of days on our way south from Michigan in a couple of months and will be able to see them then.. We haven’t had many opportunities to visit with Trudy and Gene Catania so we were really pleased with their invitation to join them at their home one day for a delicious luncheon. We stopped by to see Pete & Cathy Sorge. Their first child, Owen, is 21 months old now and smart as can be. Ryan, is the most recent addition to their family (Jun 8). Another evening, Dolly Ann & John joined us at CiCi’s for pizza and some enjoyable time together.

We are limited to two weeks here at the state park, so tomorrow we will be moving on to a campground north of Gettysburg, PA where the Traveling Americans will be holding their July rally over the 4th. It is not too far from here so we won’t need to hurry. Hopefully, some of the other members will be arriving early also.

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