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Lund is beautiful in the summer. With the sun shinning on the cobbled street and bright flowers everywhere hanging down from the wall. You see all these people cycling around or walking leisurely, it's a very different world from busy dirty London.

There has been a heatwave in Europe and as a result Scandinavia now has similar temperature to the mediterranean. It was such a nice change to be seeking refuge from the sun instead of having to be wrapped in lots of layers and brave the strong cold wind and rain.

Today has been a bit of a lazy day. Spent the morning checking work mail (sad, I know) and doing bits and bobs of surfing. Met up with Yat for a late lunch hoping to get a traditional swedish meal. So, I picked the dish which I can't really pronounce and don't really know what it is and hope that it maybe something more authentic. However, when the food arrives, it was truly international - we've got grill chicken Mediterraean style, middle east rice, Thai sauce and Swedish cheese. ;-) Maybe this is the new authentic swedish food? Fusion of the world'a cuisine?

After lunch I went up to Yat's office... It's funny sometimes you keep hearing about something, it is inevitable that you will start trying to imagine what it is like. So it's nice to finally be able to meet the place. It's quite bright and cosy and in my head it was more minimalist and cold. Anyway, it's so nice to have your own office, although MG did mention that this is quite a normal thing in Sweden. Maybe something for the UK to consider?? ;-)

Also, they have this huge staff kitchen with nice dinning table and large seating area... Now I am truly jealous!! Would be so nice to cook myself a proper hot meal at lunch time!

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