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Today I have arranged to visit Marcus' extended family - his uncle, auntie, cousins and his cousins' children. But the main reason for the visit was to see the girls and spend an afternoon swimming with them.

The day started very pleasant will mercury hitting a nice and high number and the sun was shinning. I was meant to take a bus from Lund to Telleborg where I will be picked up by Marcus' cousin Cecilia.

Given I know I don't really know Lund very well, I left plenty of time between leaving the flat and the bus arrival time. I arrived at the street where the bus stop stands with 20 minutes spare so I decide to pop into the shop to buy some chocolate for the children. As I walked leisurely out of the shop to the bus stop, thinking I still have 5 minutes spare, it turns out that the bus stop for bus 165 has been disused!!!! OOOOHHHH! I was then running around crazily trying to find the bus stop and was fully aware that I only have 5 minutes to the bus's departure time (buses in Sweden seems to run pretty much on time!)

As it turns out the bus stop has been moved to another spot and the whereabout of the new location was clearly stated IN SWEDISH at the bus stop. Ohhh well, I guess I will just have to take the next bus. I did ring up Yat for advice and she pointed out that I could take the train and change at Malmo but then given I am having a blonde day I decided to stay around and take the next bus in an hour's time instead.

So, to carry on being Blonde, I spend the next hour trying to find the town centre but failed miserably. However, towards the end, I manage to locate the town centre and realise I only have 10 minutes till the next departure time. It maybe forgivable to miss the first bus, but missing the second bus will probably be a bit too much… So I was running, and being as unfit as I was, I was pretty breathless when I arrived at the bus stop just to see the bus shutting its door and planning to depart. I was waving and jumping and running to attract attention from the driver while all the time thinking "Oh No! I am going to miss the bus again and that will look very stupid!"

Fortunately the driver was kind enough to let me get on and the journey to Trelleborg was pretty seamless…

Cecilia picked me up with her beautiful MG convertible and I get to go on a ride in a convertible the first time in my life. Although this is a bit different from my childhood dream of jumping into a beautiful convertible with my handsome prince charming, it was pretty exciting nonetheless to be able to sit in an open top car going through the Skane countryside.

We arrived at cousin Charlotte's house at around 2 and the girls were already waiting eagerly for me to join them in the pool. After checking my cousin's new stable and the horses, we wasted no time to get changed and jump into the pool.

After a bit of swimming I had Fika with the family and it was so nice to be sitting outdoor with the sun shinning and was served a lovely chocolate cake baked by Tereas. After fika, the girls showed me their bedroom and it was pretty much the dreamy princess style bedroom. I was pretty amused when Malin showed me that she has knitted a bikini for the teddy I gave her for Christmas. To be honest, the bikini bottom looks a bit more like a nappy. :p

As Cecilia needs to catch up with a bit of work, I went to Uncle and Auntie's farm in Bonnestad to watch the hay harvest. It was pretty fun as I was climbing on the tractors, watching the process of packaging the hay and learning a lot about the running (and very excitingly, the finance) of the farm. Uncle Bosse showed me around the farm in his new toy (a hybrid of motorbike and mini tractor) and I even managed to drive it myself for a while.

The evening finished off with a lovely dinner in Lund and Cecilia and I went back to Yat's flat for a glass of wine and an evening of girlie chat.

I had a fantastic day and had a lot of fun. Cecilia, Charlotte, Uncle and Auntie - Thanks for inviting me round!

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