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Bye bye Sandy

Aloha Hawaii!

One for you Nathan

Waikiki Beach strip

Surfers dooood

Another cool sunset


Some dancers warming up

Singers and cute little flower girls freestyling on shells


Our alarm woke us up at 4 today... urrgghh, I was up for not going to Hawaii at this point and rolling over back to sleep instead... luckily Steve kicked me out.

Sandy had kindly offered to take us to the airport (I don't know what we'll do without her now!), unfortunately she missed her alarm, so I had to go and wake her – I felt so bad!

Within minutes she was ready and we were out the door. On the way to the airport we were given a wonderful sunrise send-off by Denver, (another one!) it was amazing.

We were on time for the first of our three flights and after a quick juggle of my luggage to get it in under weight, we were in the departure lounge having a spot of brekkie.

Our first flight was very comfy, we had three seats to ourselves and slept the whole way to Phoenix. We had a two over lay-over until our next flight to Kauai, not having done a connecting flight before we were pleased to find that the airport staff were very helpful and kept our fingers crossed that our luggage was following us!

This flight wasn't so comfy and was unfortunately the longest one, the seats were a bit cramped but we soon dozed off and managed to block out the smell of wee...

We only had an hour in Kauai until the final flight, so we grabbed a quick bite and then boarded the short flight to Honolulu in O'ahu.

We had a great view of the coastline as we landed and immediately fell in love with the place.

We'd been up for 17hrs by this time so weren't pleased when the 30min coach ride to Waikiki Beach actually took nearly 2hrs. The coach driver did so many loops dropping everyone off and we were last! At least we got to see some of the town I spose...

We arrived at the hostel and it all looked great from the outside, very close to the beach and the guys on reception were very friendly. It was at this point that we remembered we'd only booked a 'semi private' room, they explained that we'd have to go through a dorm to get to our room.

This would have been ok if the dorm had been big but it only had two beds and we literally had to squeeze past the poor old guy sitting in there watching telly.

The bathroom and kitchen were shared with the dorm, which wouldn't have been too bad if we'd had some privacy in our room but the curtains were non-existent and we were badly overlooked. By the time we'd had a shower and got dressed under our clothes in the dark we realised that we wouldn't be staying here for long.

We were staaaarving by this time so we went out to find something to eat. It was Saturday night and Waikiki was heaving, it's very touristy but the beach is beautiful and it's actually quite nice to be around loads of people for a change.

We found a great little Mexican place and I had the best taco salad ever, Steve had his usual staple chicken burrito. The meal was a bit pricey but we'd been warned that it would be expensive here, they have to import almost everything.

After dinner we had a wander round the town and got a few snaps of another sunset, then headed back to the hostel.

As we walked in CJ (the old guy, who was actually a little sweetie) had been joined by another guy who was face down asleep on his bed in his pants... nice.

We got changed for bed in the dark, under the covers and fell into a deep sleep.



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