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mini Canyon of Lund...




Cattles relaxing and cooling themselves in the stream...


Yat's crazy new hair cut

The day started really early at 5am when the sun woke me up and I decided to do some last minute packing...

I have been practising putting on my big backpack a few times in the house before the trip, but everytime it was with the help of Marcus. And this is the first time I put this on myself and I wouldn't say I was doing that too elegantly. ;-) But I managed nonetheless.

Walking with the 13 kg backpack is one thing, conducting daily activities being 13kg heavier is another thing. It wasn't too difficult to walk around with the extra load, but when I dropped my bus ticket when I was getting on the bus, I was really struggling to stand up again! It was pretty embarrassing and hopefully with more physical exercise throughout the trip I will become fitter... This sounds pretty vain but I have seen all these people having been on a long trip and come back skinny and beautiful. I am hoping that I will be one of them! I just have to constantly remind myself that McDonald is not a default option when I am hungry in a unfamiliar country and cannot pronounce the name of most food on offer.

The trip to Copenhagen went very smoothly and eventlessly. Arrived at Copenhagen 10 minutes before schedule and I arrived in Lund shortly after 2. Yat picked me up from the station and we walked to her flat for some late lunch.

After lunch we went for a long walk in the wilderness of Lund countryside and started to feel like maybe I am on a trip. Chatting along with Yat reminds me of the days when we went travelling together in Ecuador. I was a bit tired after two hours but I need to gradually build up my strength... Somehow between now and August I need to be much fitter in order to climb Mount Fuji... eek!

Walking around the countryside makes me think how little time I actually spent outdoors normally. I am really looking forward to the next 6 months when we will be spending our time mainly outdoor rather than being stuck in an office with air conditioning.

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