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Town centre

Some of the cool boutiques

Burrito breakfast....

We all woke up bleary eyed but comfy.

We packed up the car and Jeremiah showed us a great little authentic Mexican place for breakfast... when I say breakfast, it was a little late for that so we ploughed straight into lunch. Burittos for breakfast was interesting, especially when the waitress tried to talk me into having chilli with mine.

The staff were really friendly, one waiter was particularly interested in Sandy's tattoos and ended up showing us his.

After breakfast we had a look round the little boutiques, Santa Fe has a cool hippy vibe going on, it's a shame we had to leave so quickly but we had an 8hr drive ahead of us.

Sandy wanted to show us Taos on the way home, another tiny town with similar shops. It was here that we heard the news about Micheal Jackson, we were in a gift shop and heard it on the radio, it was so shocking for all of us.

The drive from here was quite somber as we listened to the updates on the radio, we soon turned it off and whacked the iPod on to cheer us up.

It really felt like a long drive when we left Taos, we stopped off for dinner about 2 hours outside Colorado Springs and then Steve swapped into the driving seat for the familiar I-25 drive back to Denver.

We arrived home at around 11pm knackered, four states in four days certainly takess it out of you! We only managed to have a quick drink and then hit the sack. Sandy kindly put us up for the night again.

The last few days have been amazing. Thank You Sandy for giving us some such wonderful memories to add to our journal. I don't think we would have ever been up early enough to see a sunrise, let alone two!


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