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Good morning!

Sunrise over the canyon

Porridge Head!

Munching on a cranberry pinched from my goddamn breakfast!

This is how he got his name..

Dinner in Cowgirls

Pato Banton in da house

We set our alarms for 5am today, so we could be back over to the South Rim before sunrise.

We packed up quickly and efficiently in our usual zombie style and jumped back into the car.

We'd hoped to find a place where there were no crowds but time was getting on, so we ended up with masses waiting for the sun to peak over the rim of the canyon.

It was quite cloudy but this seemed to add to the beauty of the sky, the sun finally broke and the light spread across the tops of the rocks, even with all the crowds it was pretty special.

Before we hit the road for New Mexico we decided it was breakfast time. We pulled up at a secluded spot and put the kettle on, we were soon munching on our brekkie and drinking tea overlooking the Grand Canyon, I'll remember this for a long time.

While we were eating we spotted a furry visitor sneaking about in the rocks, we kept quiet making sure not to scare him away but we shouldn't have worried as he came running over, jumped up on my lap and started nicking my breakfast! We named him Porridge Head as he was in such a frenzie he got some on his head and it stayed there. He even followed us out to the car to see what else he could have!

We arrived in Santa Fe at around 4, we found a cool bar called Cowgirls and had a quick drink. We were thinking of finding a campsite again for the night but we were all camped out and ended up in a Travelodge. We all fitted comfortably into a twin queen and hit the shower one by one, Sandy first as she had missed out last night.

We still had some wine left so after a few snoozes and a glass or two we hit the town.

On our way back to Cowgirls we walked past a club we'd seen earlier that was advertising a Pato Banton gig tonight, spookily enough, he'd just pulled up in his RV and he gave us a little wave as we stopped to stare.

Dinner at Cowgirls was great, the cocktails flowed and they had some live music. Santa Fe is really cool, you can tell there is a lot of money around but the people are very laid back.

We weren't quite ready for bed after dinner so we decided to try to get in to see Mr Banton. We all didn't fancy paying $15 each, so we tried our luck on the door but they weren't having any of it. As we turned to leave we saw Pato just getting out of his RV with his roadies, Sandy immediately struck up a conversation with him.... 'watch this..' Debbie said.

Minutes later he was asking her how much she was willing to pay to get in, when she said $10, each one of the roadies said they'd stump up the other $5 so we could get in! He even escorted us in, then paused to give our entrance money to a homeless man standing outside, what a cool guy.

Unfortunately, not bringing my driving licence came back to bite me and they refused me entry... Que Sandy; it only took her a few minutes with the manager and I was in! It was amazing to watch her at work.

There was another reggae band on when we first got in, a few margaritas later Pato Banton worked his way through the crowd to the stage. It was a really small venue but the atmosphere was really pumping, the whole band worked the crowd really well.

Debbie and I stayed by the stage for as long as we could but were danced out by a couple of girls and their flying dreadlocks, when one went in my drink we decided to retire to the bar.

Everyone was really friendly in there and we ended up with a extra body in our room for the night, a local guy called Jeremiah who Debbie had been chatting to. We didn't last long when we got back to the room, it had been a long day. Steve tried his best to keep us awake by going out for munchies and coming back with a cup of moonshine (don't ask...) but we all soon crashed out... in a bed, ooooo luxury!


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