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Elk gathered near an old barn

More ELK

Nice Rack!!!

Found this female along side a creek eating plants

Grazing in an open meadow very close to the road


Beautiful scenery on this trip was everywhere

Bud finds an out house at an old chruch in the mountains

Archie checks the GPS as we head out of the remote area


Hey all you guys!!!

Just wanted to update the travel log here. We are only a few weeks away from our auto tour of the East Coast up to Maine. We are getting the rental car and hotels lined up for a 14 day marathon trip that will take us through most of the New England states.

Our travel companions on this trip will be Bud and Helen Hodge of Maryville. This will make about six (6) trips we have taken together over the last 10 or so years. Our plan is to rent a car here so we can just relax and not have to worry about putting several thousand miles on our personal cars. We will split the fuel and food costs as well. So, you can see that a shared trip with buddies can pay off, as well as have a lot of fun doing so.

Now, back to our update for this month. As you all remember we made an earlier (back in May) day trip over to the ELK preservation in Cataloochie Valley. Located in a very remote area of the Smoky Mountain National Park near Mt. Sterling, NC. I have posted pictures of that trip in an earlier post as well. The only thing wrong with that trip is that there were no ELK to be found and we returned home sad and determined to go back and find the ELK.

Well, we finally made it back over there and we found the herd of ELK. They were out in force and we just loved being there to see them. All in all it was a very good trip and the weather was just perfect...visibility in the mountains was perfect.

We planned our arrival in the area to be around 5:30 PM. We arrived on time and the timing was perfect. Bud and Helen Hodge accompanied us on this trip and we all had a great time. We ate a mid afternoon meal in Maggie Valley at the Maggie Valley Café just before we headed into the remote area in the Mountains. We knew we would not have access to food or drink in the mountains.

I would recommend everyone that has not made this trip to see the ELK to do so. It is a very rewarding experience as the ELK are very special to this part of the country. They are also much larger than your typical deer and very impressive when you view them up close in their environment. I have posted some good pictures for you viewing pleasure.

Anyways, we are happy to share these short day trips with you all and hope you enjoy them. We are still scheduled to be on the road in late September, October and part of November as we continue our volunteer work with the State Parks in Georgia and Tennessee.

Our Itinerary has the latest schedule if you want to view exactly where we will be. Check it out.

Please sign the guest log and leave message if you like.

Until next time ......in Dad's memory the Adventure continues...............

On the road again!!!

Later Alligators!!!

Archie, Chris and Chad the wonder dog

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