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The bear was here. Note the bent lid.

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Marilyn & I were really worn out by the time we crawled into bed last night. We read for a few minutes only to quiet our minds, before dropping off to sleep around 9:30 PM.

We slept great and I didn’t awaken until 5:20 AM.

We had our usual morning coffee and talked quietly about the day we had planned.

We enjoy the Mark Twain Cave Campground in Hannibal and had been there for two months, parked in the Camp Host site #A-1.

That is a very nice location except that it is only a few feet away from the dusty street. In addition to the dust from any passing cars, trucks, RV’s, etc, we get all of the debris from the trees, including many cottonwood trees. With the rain, the hot and humid weather we experienced for the time we were there, we kept the RV closed up most of the time and the RV got very dirty.

The windows were pretty bad, so today was window cleaning day.

After we finished off the coffee we got busy cleaning windows. I did the outside while Marilyn did the inside. She cleaned the screens also, while she was in the mood to do so.

We spent most of the morning doing that little chore and then cleaned ourselves up for a trip to Canon City, to do some shopping at Wal-Mart.

We stopped at Chili’s for a bite of lunch. They give you very large servings don’t they! We were stuffed when we left. I guess that was a good thing because we didn’t buy anything that wasn’t on our list.

We called Jennifer and talked to her on the way back to the resort. In case I forgot to mention it before, there is no cell-phone service here due to a mountain between us and the tower. That is not a problem because David furnishes a phone for anyone needing to make a call. No charge to anywhere in the USA. We also have a pretty good Wi-Fi system, so the internet is usually a good alternative to the cell phone.

Up here in the mountains we are usually 5 to 10 degrees cooler than the temperature down at Colorado Springs.

It was 89 today in Canon City but only 80 up here in camp.

Marilyn & I sat outdoors for most of the afternoon, once we were back from town. We read our books, I played with the Wii system, and we listened to the breeze in the pine trees, as well as the birds singing all around us.

We had a bear in the campground last night but we didn’t see it. Only the evidence, consisting of a bent dumpster lid and trash strewn around. We did have a deer in the campsite this morning and again this afternoon.

This weather is so awesome, the breeze and temperatures are nearly perfect, and we sleep like a baby at night. We do love it here! Marilyn says that if we had to pick one place to live all the time, that she would like Colorado.

We have really had some nice notes from friends and relatives around the country. Some are messages in this guest book, some are e-mails and others are notes on my face book page.

I will try to answer them but I will simply say “Thank you” to each of you who have written to us.

We had some wonderful news from my Sister, Pat, today. She and her husband, Steve are going to Hawaii in October. Great! They certainly deserve that and we are sure they will have a wonderful trip.

I think that Marilyn took a few pictures today, so I will share what we have with you good folks.

We look forward to the arrival of friends, Jim & Linda, tomorrow. We understand that Trent and Teresa will be here soon and we look forward to meeting them. Also, Mike & Leslie will be here later in the summer and we walked down to take pictures of their site, so we’ll post those pictures for Mike & Leslie.

I planned to grill hamburgers this evening but the wind came up and dark clouds formed over the mountains, so that delayed our plans somewhat.

The weather soon moved through with only some wind and dark clouds to contend with, and I grilled the burgers for dinner. Marilyn fixed some veggies and served the meal with some chips. It was a strawberry ice cream treat for dessert. Marilyn passed on dessert. LOL

We’ll relax this evening, with the windows open. Once in a while we can smell that tantalizing aroma of a wood fire in someone’s fire-ring.

Tomorrow we’ll stay close to camp.

Marilyn has our little rolling cabin looking like a million bucks and we can spend more time on a walk or just enjoying the environment here.

Tomorrow is the first day of July. Wow, time is going by fast!

You know us. We just can’t wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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