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Pete, early mascot for a leading company


The "original" pop up


Corky's toys

View from a balcony

The "rearview" and entrance of RV Museum

Most RV'ers have repairs done that requires an overnight stay on the service lot. We're here for several nights. Actually, it's not too bad. They provide us with electric and water; we're inside the gates after 2100hrs. During the day, it is similar to being "out on day pass"! One fun experience we missed last time through here was the RV/MH Museum, Library, and Hall of Fame. The complex is located along side I-80/90. The floor plans allows for a pleasurable experience. "The Story Begins" with the RV Founders Hall where many historical RV's are exhibited. Remember the Model T car? The first tag along originated with this car. It provided a modest sleeping arrangement for the traveler. Highway systems, hotels, eating establishments were not as conveniently located then. Stored in garages, many early models went undiscovered for years, dusted off and refurbished. A few RV industries retained original models from their early inventory. It was so much fun talking up with others what was deemed an upgrade with particular models compared with what is available to us now. While every type of unit is represented, the pop-up progress sparked our interest. You just have to see it to believe it. That took about three hours to tour. Driving on out to the heart of the Amish Country lies Shishewana. Don't you know the Bluegate Restaurant reached out and grabbed us for a piece of freshly made blueberry pie WITH ice cream! So good! There's alot to do and see in this community; let's return tomorrow. Tomorrow came today. Sure 'nough the truck took off on a scenic route to Shipshewana. It is sobering to observe a lifestyle of simple living. Specifically, their lives are labor intensive and they are at peace with that. In order not to be disrespectful, we did not do any photography. It is regarded as a "graven image" in their way. Everything about their property and themselves is neat and tidy. How impressive! The Yoder Meat & Cheese Market are a must see along with the Flea market. First of all the Amish/Mennonite community make EVERYTHING from scratch. How does one decide what to buy? My limitations were no chest freezer on board and my bank account. Whew!! Ice cream was being churned with a gas powered demand engine(don't ask me what the engine terminology means), freshly baked breads, homemade jams, jellies, butters, etc. Are you salivating yet? To top off the day we did laundry-oh, what fun! You gotta do what you gotta do. We have not finished with Shipshewana. Today we ate yogurt, raw veggies, water, and fruit so we can eat an Amish country style meal tomorrow!!

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