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To be honest, today I felt like I kinda failed again. Only three of us, me, Emily and Matt went up north today with a driver. I had misunderstood and, Thought, we were going to where I was trying to get to yesterday on the bike. I was Trying to get to Gunung Batur - a crater filled lake at the base of the volcano toward the east. Instead, we went to the west to Danau Bratan a temple on the lake....Simple misunderstanding, but I definitely felt a little cheated ..mostly because I wasn't paying attention :) Even so, it was a beautiful drive to the northern mountains. We stopped at the botanical gardens as well, but decided we didn't have enough time to do proper wandering so just headed back not long after the temple visit.

We ate lunch at a pig pull which was scrumptious then I bought a bus ride back to Kuta (barf) all by my lonesome. Matt had to stay until 4 to see if the bank had his card, and Meg and Em had a friend arriving ..not as scheduled, so plans were changed somewhat quickly. I got an email from Ken (the surf school instructor) and said he would be in Kuta if we wanted to meet up and possibly get some rides in.. The only reason Im back.. patiently waiting for our meeting to decide what direction we may head tomorrow. I still plan on going up to Batur and heading up to the North coast, I hear its nice, and then heading to the West side of the island to catch the ferry over to Java for the mission trip. I need to be on that ferry probably in about 5days, so... need to start heading that way...but the surf is in the back here...for a couple days at least :)

Ken has been teaching PE in Las Flores CA, not to far from Long Beach, for over 15 years. He actually got his masters form Whittier just a couple of years ago. (straaange) Their surf team did really well last year at nationals and I met with some of the kids that placed on the plane. His wife and kids surf too and Im sure at the age of 8 they'll be well groomed by the time they get into high school. So Im hoping he can teach me how to cruise a short board, in you know, like 10min. I got Matt into my book "Finding you way Home" probably because I wouldn't shut up about it. He appeased me and wrote down the title promising to check it out :)

Today I think I had to much time to think, maybe due to alot of transporting, the drive back to Kuta took for-ev-er and having to spend money at temples is kinda bringing me down. (most have a fee which I dont agree with one bit) My overall thoughts today were what I would tell people about my trip. What they would ask - how I would respond. Things about traveling, what I saw, and experienced. So here was what I came up with.

Traveling is much easier than I ever expected.(Im realizing its the day to day.. the "real world" that is much harder). Its easy because its a vacation essentially. Especially here it feels like their whole culture is based on tourism so they are very eager to help and make a dollar. People meet up (travelers) which is awesome, and help each other out in many ways even without knowing, but they are the epitome of single serving friends. In the short amount of time youre together you are best friends, almost instantly, and you look past their annoyances, or whatever it is that they do that drives everyone else nuts in their regular lives and get along great for that moment in time your together. Then, sometimes abruptly, you say goodbye awkwardly because you suddenly realize you've only known this person 24hrs and now you will probably never see them again. - its weird. Rarely you may exchange email addresses. moments.. is what I was expecting. Moments where you can actually see the sky over all the shops or it opens up to a gorgeous field or mountain scene. But overall, I think it makes me sad. The trash and tourism, and stray dogs, make me sick, and I thought alot about spirituality today too, so hear me out. I feel like here everything is so traditional.. and people are connected to a higher power, but...its so..routine. It lives inside them, and people are happy...but there's this... like veneer the only word I can think of to describe it. Like a..fake..overshawdow of what could be. Tainted. For instance, a beautiful scene -covered in trash. A beautiful beach -covered in people. I duuno I feel like tradition is being over run. In shacks there will be a TV playing.. and you know how I feel about TV. Theres no plumbing, but people have cell phones.. idk there just seems to be a gap in culture here, and I feel like this is just a place to vacay to which..idk really wasn't what I was looking for I guess. And maybe Im totally missing out. I know there are yoga classes, and temple meditations, that maybe would help me feel more connected to this place. But...all of it comes at a price to the best of my knowledge. If I EVER came back, it would be bc someone else wanted to come surf here or something. I dig the waves, but I really would have no reason to ever come back here I dont feel like. Which is ok, dont get me wrong. I will thoroughly enjoy my time here while it lasts and do and see as much as I can. It all just reminds me that, that's not why I'm here. Im here to do service and maybe make a change in..everything I just said. Something as simple as picking up trash..idk i really believe could change some outlooks on the island. I just feel like they are uneducated on the matter, not that they dont care, but just aren't aware of the benefits.

That's my soap box. ill get off. Just skim over that part. :)

Sigh. Anyway.hope to get in more surf and continue to see amazing things. I just watched the sunset over the beach and am enjoying yet another cup of Balinese coffee, so all is well...may order a milkshake too .. :)

Don't believe what your eyes are telling you

All they show is limitation

Look with your understanding find out what you already know

and you'll see the way to fly

~ Richard Bach

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