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Good morning from Moab

our morning view!

On the road again

The drive to Lake Powell

Back a bit...

I think my bum is welded to this rock...

Debbie and her new friend


Lunch on Lake Powell

Look at the size of Debbie's.... burger

Cool stripey pink thing

Our very own campsite!

Our new view and room!

One of the dragon flies liked our aerial

It's tough but someone's got to do it...

Bottoms up..!

Clean and warm

How cool!

Debbie roasting her marshmellows

Well it wasn't quite the tranquil, close to nature, night's sleep we'd hoped for...

As soon as we got in out tent we realised where the all bugs had been hiding from the bats, I think they made their way in through a small rip in the top of our tent. Steve on the other hand believes they all rushed in in the three minutes that I left the tent door open earlier..

Anyway, close to nature was what we had. I laid on top of the sleeping bag because it was so hot but that just gave them more of me to climb on and I spent what felt like all night, flicking them off my arms, legs and face.... aarrgghh

Apart from that the sounds of the crickets and the river were amazing.

We woke to catch the sunrise and sat watching it creep it's way round the tops of the rocks, eventually breaking down into the valley, it was breathtaking.

We decided not to have an alfresco breakfast as it was already very hot, so we packed up and were in the Jailhouse Cafe by 7:30.

We all took advantage of their toilet facilities and had a slap up cooked breakfast, then jumped back into the car and headed for Lake Powell.

Sandy wasn't sure which part of the lake was going to be best for camping, so we headed for Hite on the north side as that would give us less of a drive to the Grand Canyon tomorrow. On the way we stopped off at a viewing point to take some photos and were soon joined by a little chipmunk, he liked Debbie a lot and we got some great photos.

Sandy got talking to some bikers and asked their opinion on which part of the lake to go to and they said there wasn't much going on in Hite and we'd be better off in Bullfrog. So we turned back the way we came, luckily we'd only driven for about 20 minutes the wrong way, so it wasn't too bad.

We arrived at Lake Powell at lunchtime. Lake Powell is fed by three rivers; the Colorado, San Juan and Escalante, it's 186 miles long and has 1,960 miles of shoreline.

Sandy wanted to see if we could hire a boat so we parked up at the marina. The lake is so huge it looks like and ocean, the gold and red rocks frame the blue water beautifully.

Unfortunately, the boats were a little expensive, so we settled for some ice and wine for the cool box and got some instructions to the least populated campsite.

We found the Stanton Campsite easily as Sandy had camped here before. I use the word 'campsite' loosely as it was just a dirt track that lead us cross country to the lake. The track seemed to come to an end but Sandy decided that it hadn't, put the jeep in 4WD and off we went across the sand.

We eventually came to rest on a cool little peninsular of sand right on the edge of the lake. Our only neighbours were a houseboat 100m in one direction and an RV further the other way.

After the hot drive we got straight in our cozzies and started blowing up the lilos. Sandy didn't wait to get her cozzie on and jumped straight in fully clothed, she said she was doing her laundry as well as having a wash.

We joined her on the lilos and the water was fairly warm but very refreshing. We soon had the car stereo turned up and the wine glasses filled, floating happily on the lake.

We'd bought some organic soap especially for this sort of occasion, so we all had a well needed wash too. Washing in a lake was a first for me, it felt really great to be clean.

Being in the middle of no where there obviously weren't any toilets, so we had to dig holes... not an exciting prospect for me, so leaving it till the last minute was crucial... luckily the lake was there to rinse your feet if needed....!

So we watched our second sunset of the trip on Lake Powell, it was a tad cloudy but still pretty impressive. The dragon flies appeared once the sun started to sink and we watching them diving through, snatching flies.

We still had wood left over, so we started a fire to keep us warm and the bugs away, Sandy had brought her Tarot cards so Debs and I had a reading each, it added a real mystical feel to the evening.

Once the fire died we realised the sky was alight with stars, we've never seen anything like it.

The tent was empty of bugs this time and it was slightly cooler, so we left the fly sheet off and lay looking at the stars, listening to the lapping water, the occasional splash of fish leaping to catch a fly and coyotes howling close by.

A truly amazing day.


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