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Packing up, ready to go..

Leaving Colorado

There were quad and motorbike tracks all over these mounds - how...

Bye bye, see you in 4 days!

Hello Utah!

Our new 'room'!

Our new view!

Our view #2!

It's a bit behind the times in Moab...

Having a paddle!

Sunset over the campsite

Sunset over Sandy

Sunset over the girls

Sunset? What sunset?? FIRE, I LIKE FIRE!

We could see lots of faces n stuff in the rocks

Mmmmm cold beeeeeans

None of us slept too well last night, I think we all had overactive minds, thinking about the cool trip ahead of us.

We all had a quick shower, perhaps the last one for a while... Sandy popped out to get ice and petrol, then we packed up the car and off we went. Sandy driving, Steve in the passenger seat and Debbie and I in the back.

The roads were nice and empty and we were soon at the Colorado boarder, where Steve swapped into the driving seat.... stupid here forgot to bring her driving licence, so the shared driving wasn't going to be as shared as we thought.

We crossed back into Utah and arrived in Moab at around 12:30. The town was quite cool and we drove around a bit until Sandy recognised which road to take to the campsite.

We followed the Colorado river and could see people pitched on the bank, it had changed a bit since Sandy was last here, luckily for us it was more like a campsite and there was a toilet (of sorts).

The pitch was amazing, right on the side of the river with the imposing red rocks of Moab surrounding us on all sides.

By this time we were all hungry and it as it was around 100 degrees we decided to go back into town for some air conditioning and lunch. It was around 2 and lots of places were closed for siesta but we found one place with a friendly waitress who told us jokes... needless to say by the time we left she had more in her repertoire from Steve.

The campsite had pit fires (eeeek!), so went to the supermarket to get some wood. We also wanted to get some booze but unfortunately the liquor store was closed (Sunday), we searched around for ages and Debs and I ended up having to go into a Italian restaurant and buy a bottle of Rose for $25 – talk about desperate Essex girls in need of wine! The annoying thing was, they wouldn't let us buy it without buying food too, so we ended up with some sweaty wrapped up garlic bread too.

Back at the camp it was hot hot hot, so the girls stripped down to their cozzies and had a paddle in the river. The biggest girl of all wouldn't join us coz it was muddy...! (er yeah, that squidgy stuff that squirms through your toes! Anyhow I had fire wood to chop. Steve)

Sandy had realised earlier that it was in fact the longest day today, so it made it even more special to be able to watch the sun go down.

As the sun started to set, we cracked open the wine and watched the rocks change colour from dark red to pink and purple, unfortunately (as we still don't have a new camera) the photos don't do it justice but I will remember it for a long time to come.

The fire and the wine kept us toasty all night, as did the light supper of bocca burgers, pittas, hummus and cold beans.... we forgot to bring pans and tried to heat them up in the can, which wasn't very effective.

We finished the night off with some marshmallow toasting, Sandy setting light to them and Debbie (a first timer), learning and perfecting her technique.

As the bats finished feasting and the bug numbers increased again, we hit the airbeds.


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