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The Incline... aaarrggh

Smiling... but not for long

Up in the clouds

Getting steeper!

We made it!

Gorilla in the mist... sorry Ben

The winners!

The path down was really cool

No this wasn't staged...

The view under the clouds

The Garden of the Gods

This is called the Kissing Camels

It was pretty spectacular

We woke up early today and I managed to Skype my Mum, Dad, Vicky and Amy to tell them about our camping trip and our cheeky hop over to Hawaii.. Mum nearly fell off her chair with excitement!

I'm thinking we'll be off-line while we're camping (eeek) so I thought I better let them know we're still alive... for now!

Ben and Karen wanted to take us to do the Incline today. It's a famous Colorado Springs hike, it's only a mile but it's all up and you climb 2000ft. It's so straight that you can see the top... well we couldn't today because it was too cloudy.

We set off slowly, taking advice from Ben and Karen to pace ourselves. Then I looked up and Steve had disappeared into the distance, he was after a good time.

Ben had the unfortunate disadvantage of a bad leg. Luckily, he had been given some strong painkillers by the doctor yesterday to help him up the path.... hang on, isn't that cheating!?

At about half way we disappeared into the clouds and the path began to get steeper, so steep in fact that some of the steps you needed your hands to haul yourself up. I saw one lady on her hands and knees!

Lots of people were climbing up with their dogs in tow, some of the little ones needed help up the bigger steps.

It was a real buzz to reach the top, Steve first, in an impressive time of 34 minutes. Then me about 10 minutes later, swiftly followed by Karen and then Ben, who was very impressed with his time with a bad leg and lack of exercise over the last few months.

The hike down was a slightly longer, less steep path with lots of switchbacks. It was about 4 miles and Karen decided to run this bit, lots of people do this on the way down but Steve, Ben and I decided to walk.

Back at Karen & Ben's we took a well needed shower and then drove out looking for somewhere to have lunch. Ben was feeling virtuous and fancied something healthy but he soon changed his mind when Karen suggested going to Red Robin, the best burger joint in town.

It certainly lived up to it's reputation, we've never seen so many different burgers on a menu. I chose the salmon fillet burger, Ben had blue cheese, Karen had a chicken burger and Steve decided on the Luurve Burger... it had deep fried jalapeƱos in it!

We all ate like we hadn't eaten for weeks and then Ben and Karen kindly drove us back to the hostel.

We had such a great time and will miss them a lot. Thanks for looking after us you two!

We quickly packed our stuff and were picked up by Kevin and Debs who took us back to Sandy's.

Sandy was already in bed, trying to get some rest before the early start tomorrow and the first leg of the camping trip.

We had a long shopping list, so to save time we popped to the local Whole Foods... the best goddamn supermarket ever, full of the kind of freaky food I love.

We arrived back at Sandy's tired and hungry. Kevin was cooking up a Mexican storm in the kitchen, man it smelled good! We stuffed our faces, it tasted as good as it smelled!

After a quick sort out of backpacks and food, we crashed out stuffed and full of excitement about our trip tomorrow.


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