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Bring it on...

Hang time...

My not so graceful dive

Everybody was kung-fu fighting...

Hehehe the water tickles

skull tree

Pool hopping

Our jump before rapelling

A *class* waterslide

The pic is deceiving, but I'm horizontal here

Our high-tech helmets provided us with tongue ejector buttons


a great head-first waterslide


Narrow margin of error

slime climb

end of the stream

I had been longingly contemplating going canyoning since I had arrived in New Zealand... Now, with one day left in the country, what better way to say goodbye? About 30 minutes outside of Auckland, we drove up a mountain, hiked another mile or two, and geared up with our wetsuits, harnesses, and helmets... and jumped into the freezing cold water. We would follow this river through the canyon for several hours, jumping from pool to pool, sliding down the smaller waterfalls, and abseiling (rappelling) down the larger waterfalls. Nothing better than a waterslide that is a waterfall.

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