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What should have been a pretty uneventful travel day from Bermuda to Vancouver via Toronto, turned into something a little more hectic – for me at least.

We had a short stopover in Toronto, our first “visit” to the city, and on arriving we found merchandise everywhere for the 2010 Winter Olympics. The mascots and motifs used to promote the event were brilliant and we snapped up a few souvenirs, including a handful of magnets.

We flew on to Vancouver and arrived there around 7pm and headed straight to our hotel. I had promised to meet up with a few guys for a quick beer when I landed so I left Elizabeth in the hotel. I felt bad about leaving her alone on the first night but she said it was fine and so I went out, planning on coming back after a couple.

The idea of the evening was to give my friend Phil, whose wedding we had travelled to attend, a mini stag party with some of his family and out-of-town guests. When I arrived at the restaurant everyone was polishing off their food and so I missed out on lining my stomach! From there, the group of us headed to Joe Forte’s bar and grabbed some beers on the roof terrace. It wasn’t long however before everyone left and there were two standing – me and Phil’s best man, Peter, who I had met in St Lucia a couple of years ago. Thankfully, he kept me company and we drank through until the early hours – pretty good considering the 4 hour time difference to Bermuda. I pretty much got home about the time I’d usually be getting up!

Apart from catching up with Peter again, the most notable event of the evening involved my charming self and a gentleman from Toronto. He travelled to Vancouver a lot for business and was telling us some good places to go. As is the case with me, the conversation soon turned to sport. On declaring he was a massive baseball fan, I drunkenly declared that baseball was a rubbish sport and extremely boring. That was about as far as that conversation went; the man drank a full pint of beer and got up and left, muttering some inaudible pleasantries as he departed!

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