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June 26, 2009

We left Provo in a light rain. We found I-15 and set our GPS for Salt Lake City. We stopped at Pony Express RV Park near the Salt Lake Airport on I-215. The park is new and close to town but we made reservations for the 3rd to 7th of July. Jennifer will fly in on July 1 and we will drive in from Logan to pick her up. We will be close to Salt Lake City for the 4th of July activities and the airport when it is time for Jen to fly home on the 6th.

We had an operator brain fart on the way to Logan. In Brigham City we wanted to check out an alternate camping place, Golden Spike RV, just in case our place in Logan was horrible. I took a back way into the park (instead of the entrance!) The road didn’t go all the way thru so I had to back all the way out to the street. I over steered the truck and the front of the fifth wheel came around and smacked the rear window of the truck into a million tiny pieces. The cat and the dog thought they were shot. After knocking loose the hanging shards of glass we continued toward our camp in Logan. I have an appointment on Monday to have the window replaced. This will be the third window for this truck. The original was shot out in California by over exuberant Raider fans. (another story for another time)

As soon as I covered the window with a tarp and duct tape the rain poured down and we even had some hail for a brief few minutes. PeeWee and I had been out for a walk and got caught in the rain and took shelter under the roof eaves of the park office. Lightning and thunder really scared PeeWee so I picked him up and he stopped shaking.

June 27, 2009

This morning the sky is clear and the air is crisp. It was 50 degrees at 6am when PeeWee needed to take his morning whiz. We were out and quickly back into the RV. This afternoon we will meet our friends, Jerry and Regi and do some local stuff. We will go to Bear Lake, about an hour from here before we leave Logan. I hear they have raspberry everything for sale and the lake water is a turquoise color. Sounds good to me.

This afternoon we met the Funks and went to a local art show on the lawn of the mayors property. We walked among the artists displaying their pottery, quilts, paintings and jewelry. I found a home made ice cream booth and sampled the blue mint with white chocolate. Wonderful texture, cold but not hard frozen and worth all of the two dollars that I gladly paid. A few pictures are included in the blog for today.

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