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View of Crac des Chevaliers from my hotel room

The appetizers for a massive meal that cost $5.50.

View from the castle


Heading inside


The moat



The church inside


Crac des Chevailers is supposedly the most famous medieval citadel in the world, though I must admit I had never heard of it. It was described by Lawrence of Arabia as ‘the finest castle in the world’ and I do agree it’s the most admirable that I’ve ever seen. At 650m above sea level the castle was built to control “Hom’s Gap’, the gateway to Syria from the Mediterranean.

The castle was huge and I got hopelessly lost in the caverous rooms and winding passageways. I think the only reason we were given three hours to look through it was to allow enough time to find your way out. It was only after I got out and had a look at my Lonely Planet that I saw I not only had a map for the castle in there but also a suggested walking route...

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