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We awoke with great expectations today. I so wanted to feel better and I was pretty sure that I was feeling OK. Just some weakness from three days and nights of being in bed.

We even shared a pot of coffee this morning. That may have helped get me started.

Outdoors in the nearly overwhelming heat and humidity, I started the chores associated with getting the RV and truck ready to move.

It is a good thing that Marilyn & I had accomplished so much last week because there was no way we could have been ready to go if we had it all to get done today. I was moving pretty slowly!

I dumped the holding tanks, put things away in the basement storage area, loaded much of Colby’s “stuff” in the Van and the rest is ready to be loaded in Jennifer’s car.

I took the Digital TV Antenna down, stowed the Wii system and the TV we use for that, checked the air pressure for the tires on the truck and the RV, then drove the truck to town to wash it and fill it with fuel.

I felt better and better as the day went on.

Even good enough to climb up on the roof of the RV, where I washed the leaves and debris off the roof and the awnings. Man, if anyone knows the secret to keeping your awnings clean, I sure would like to know it.

I cleaned the A/C fins while I was up on the roof.

A good, hot shower around noon, followed with clean clothing and a cold drink really hit the spot and confirmed that I am back!

Marilyn stayed busy getting the inside of the RV ready for it’s journey to Colorado.

She followed me in the shower and we headed for Palmyra shortly after we were dressed.

We stopped at “Wendy’s” for a bite to eat before going on to the Chiropractor for our final treatment before we leave.

Jennifer and Colby drove in to visit later in the afternoon and we enjoyed them.

Colby has changed in appearance since we saw him last week. Marilyn & I just can’t believe how fast he changes and we know that we will see huge changes by the time we get back to Hannibal after Labor Day.

It feels so good to be heading out once again, but oh my, how we will miss Colby, Jennifer and Steve!

We said goodbye to Jennifer with a few tears and watched as they drove away, headed back to Palmyra. One day, before you know it, we’ll be right back here watching for them to drive in.

Tomorrow morning we’ll be back on the road again, headed for Topeka, KS, where we’ll stay at Deer Creek Valley RV Resort for the night.

Marilyn & I now have more things to do, to get the RV ready to go. Much had to wait for Jennifer and Colby to head home. Then we could put the chairs in the proper position for travel, items padded for safe travel, etc.

I still need to take the desktop computer apart for travel and a few more miscellaneous things remain.

In the morning, we’ll stow the hoses and cords, roll the slides in, hook up, run our checklists and hit the road.

Due to being ill this week, we missed meeting with one of our faithful readers, Patty & Russ Frady are nearby and we hated to miss them. I hope that we will meet you nice folks down the road some day.

So, we bid you a goodnight and we just can’t wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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