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Volcano Arenal

Volcano Arenal again!

25th June two people carrier buses drove us all along the winding roads to the pleasant town of La Fortuna. Here we would be staying for two nights. Several of us opted to go to the "local pool". Which actually turned out to be a river with a series of water falls going into a large deep pool. A rope swing had been put up for the more adventurous swimmers and indeed proved to be a good adrenaline producer. Swimming behind the waterfall and diving out was also a must do.

Later that evening we went on to a viewing area to see if we could see lava flow coming down the volcano again initially there was nothing but cloud and rain and then the wind picked up blowing some of the cloud of and there it was tumbling down the side of the dark silhouette of the volcano as though some giant had flicked his cigarette down the mountain side causing a series of sparks of red and amber.

After a brief stop for some group pizza we were off to the B.... hot springs. The pools varied in temperature the hottest being 155 degree C. We heard there were some water slides so in the night rain with flashes of lightning we headed off up the slope and then on to the staircase up to the 3 slides. I was first up and in the dark a guy hiding under an umbrella told me to go in the middle chute. It was pitch black and as sped down at some speed I was thinking whooooo this is fast then all of a sudden after coming out of one of the sharp bends I was no longer touching the sides of the chute but free falling with my heart in my mouth towards the ground. It was over so quickly the water breaking my speedy exit as I hit the bottom of the chute. I could not believe what had just happened seconds later another of our party came shooting out like a bullet from a gun. We just looked at each other as if to say "was that for real!" Heart thumping and adrenaline whizzing through my body. Lets go again!!!

26th June

A reasonably early start and of to go rappelling in the "Lost Canyon" we were given a safety briefing and then descended the streams and waterfalls sometimes by abseiling sometimes by climbing and once or twice jumping straight in. But by far the most scary and fun (if you can have both together) was the free fall rappel first from 100ft and then from 200ft (photos to be posted soon!)

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