Kane Family's Thai/European Escapade 2009 travel blog

Well what a night!!!!! waiting at the port in the cold the ferry arrived late got on board, (we think a man died on the boat). found our seats (we booked airline seats) then settled in to sleep the night. wrong idea probaly should have booked a cabin. woke up every 2 hours, annie and jackson out cold. the lights stayed on all night!!! then we arrived in the port of cost at 5am and couldn't get back to sleep. so after trying to sleep we arrived in rhodes at around 8.30-9 (supposed to be there 7.40) so jumped in a taxi to go to our hotel. Got there it is flash!! nice big lobby with lots of couchs (very comfortable) so hang around there dad on internet and mum, annie and I used the curtousy rooms and had a shower!! feeling fresh we wondered down to the waterfront blazing hot. found cool glass bottom boat and us kids went on it around the harbour looking at all the cool rocks and fish, zoomed past the beach it was packed!! then once on dry land again went for a walk to the old city got to the gates and mum asked " where's the camera" so of course we run all the way back to where sat down for a mintue and a lady found !!!!! another save!! by this time we were really cooking so got some ice cream and headed back for a swim. our rooms were ready when we got back. changed and went for a swim then headed down to the beach it wasnt that packed, jumped off this thing out of the water the highest platfrom was 9metres high. then went home for showers, the jackson fell alseep so went for dinner and he brightened up so went into the old city. it is very midevill city. we wondered along the streets looking at all the markets then found the clock tower and went up it!!! what an amazing view over the city, then we down to the bar and met and a greek/ american. her father ran the place before her then he died so she took over. talked to her for ages. then walked home for bed goodnite. Jess

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