Our new site at Santee Lakes

View to our right


Another huge yard, even larger than the other one

Front view

Left view

Wildflowers & Cacti to our left

A baby bluebird in our yard

The birds are finding our new site :-)

The Hummingbirds are back too :-)

Sammy helping with the move :-)


When we came to San Diego we only reserved our site for one month. Once we saw how great it was, we decided to stay an extra month. We loved the site we had, but it was not available. Ugh! We hated moving and leaving the site but once we got moved we actually like the new site better. :-) It is even larger than the other site and has even more privacy, plus a gazebo right across the street.

I was afraid I would lose all my hummingbirds etc. but they are finding us quickly. The Orioles are back, the Costa Hummingbirds are back and I have even seen some new ones that I didn't see at the other site. We also have bluebird babies hanging around our yard. I am adding the one picture I was able to grab, it is a little blurry. More later from San Diego.

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