Bob & Linda's Alaska Trip 2009 travel blog

Dawson City YT

Can-Can Girls 1st show (Family show???)

Crowd at Dome for sunset

12:15am almost down

Ferry across the Yukon River (takes 1 rig & 4 cars per...

our winding gravel road - Top of the World Highway

one of our many vistas - Top of the World Highway

"I'm sitting on Top of the World" Highway

Dream, can't I, oh well

The 3 businesses that make up "Beautiful Downtown Chicken"

12:38 am Sunset, finally!!

6/22 - Went to two shows at Diamond Tooth Gerties last night. The first one was supposed to be for family (I don't think so), so we had to see for ourselves if the second was any different as they say. It was, more risque. Can't imagine the 3rd show. Anyway, the clouds held off and we then went up to the Dome for the midnight sun. There must have been at least a couple hundred people up there for the same reason. The sun set at 12:38 am and would rise again at 3:17am, short night if that's what you'd call it.( stays twilight, we don't need lights ). Not to early in the morning(thought we'd give all those who wanted to leave earlier their chance), we headed for the ferry out of Dawson City. We were 4th in line, so thought we'd done good. Yeah, right. It made one run while we waited and then they brought on equipment to repair something. So, we sat there 2 hours before we made it across the Yukon River (the ferry is the only way for the way we were going). We were now on the Top of the World Highway and 90% of it is gravel and we knew we wouldn't make good time. Beautiful scenery,very remote, pictures don't do it justice. If it wasn't for us idiots, there wouldn't be a need for these roads. Crossed the border at 1:45 pm. We have traveled 8,975 miles to get to this point. Wow!! Spent the night in the big town of Chicken, pop. 26 in the summer,6 in the winter. It was named Chicken because nobody knew how to spell Ptarmigan and the chicken most resembled the bird. 6/23 - Had a short day, these dusty gravel roads got to us. Shortly after our start today, paved road returned only to be broken with frost heaves, potholes and some paved and some not. Another slow go day, but had not planned on going that far anyway. It's a daily occurrence for construction here in the summer, it's the only time it can be done, of course!!!! We have now turned south on Hwy 1 (Tok cut-off) and will be heading for Valdez to be there for the weekend. We have stopped for the night in Tok.

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